How to write copy that scales on cold Traffic

When it comes to selling

One very important fact to keep in mind is

Strangers (Cold Traffic) are hardly ever as patient or as forgiving ... as friends, admirers and followers (Warm)

If anything...

They are quick to judge and can also very unforgiving

As such...

If you're going to get them to give you their favourable attention ... and ultimately... their money

You have to keep the following in mind:

When selling to a warm audience — you might be able to beat around the bush and get away with it

Actually, you might be able to get away with a lot

But with a cold audience:

You have to hit the nail on the head from the very first line

Or your copy is dead on arrival

And here's why:

The only reason a total stranger will stop scrolling to read or watch your ad is when you say something that ... hooks them right away (Instant hook)

The operative word here is hook

And it could be an intriguing story where you're using a powerful story lead that instantly sucks your reader in

Or it could simply be you mentioning...

new solution to a problem that's been eating them up for weeks or months or even years

Or it could be you starting with a shocking statistic that's too interesting to be ignored ....

EG: 5Million Nigerian men infected already... Symptoms of this deadly new virus include fatigue, joint pain, fever... 

And so on


My point is...  when it comes to cold traffic,

Whatever copy strategy you're using has to be designed with the following objective in mind...

Get their attention first.

Then try to hold their attention long enough for them to see the next thing.... and then the next...

Until they see your offer.

And truth be told... 

The same approach can equally be applied when you're selling to a warm audience

Because humans are humans

And people are almost always in a hurry

Except, with Cold traffic...

There's a lot you can't get away with

For example:

There's a number of things I do with my emails that I won't dare do with my sales messages for Cold Traffic

Because while some of my readers might be patient enough to "see where it's going..."

A total stranger couldn't care less

Something to keep in mind

As you make plans for the new week

Stay frosty


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