The Idiot’s Guide to Closing The Sale… WITHOUT Losing The Customer.


Even if you're a complete idiot (Like me)...

You're about to learn a powerful closing technique that will serve you for the rest of your days.

There are many reasons a prospect reads a bloody good sales letter that has all the elements of persuasion and still ends up not buying.

Maybe she doesn't have the money right now

Maybe she's not in the right frame of mind (whatever this means)

Or maybe she's just not sure if she wants to spend her last penny on your product...

But by far the most overlooked reason why a prospect who's been hooked from start to finish ends up not buying is that...

She smells desperation.

Now, there's a reason this happens, which very few understand

Come closer

Pay attention here:

The same way you can turn a hot woman off by being too needy, you can turn your prospect off if you sound too desperate for the sale.

And according to superstar Financial Copywriter Evaldo Albuquerque, that’s exactly a mistake many copywriters make at the closing.

They’re so desperate to close the sale (and get that BIG money from royalties) … that it shows in the copy.

They’re basically begging the prospect to buy.

And that’s the last thing you want to do in the offer section.

So what should you do?

Don’t sound desperate.

Instead, use the Push and Pull technique.

First, you’re going to push your prospect away by making her feel she's in control.

  • It’s her decision.
  • She has options.
  • Maybe this is not even right for her 
  • Maybe she's not a good fit for our program (in which case, we don't give a hoot.)

Then pull her back in by reminding her of what’s at stake.

Paint the picture of what she has to lose if she doesn't act.

Remind her how your new opportunity is the key to what she
desires and that it’s only attainable through your new
mechanism.(The BIG secret behind your product)

Then, further raise the pain levels by painting the picture of how her life will remain the same if she doesn’t act.

Whatever problem she has will not be solved. 

The key here is not to be needy and to let your prospect decide for herself.

Here’s how I closed one of my sales letters (it’s brought in over N2million Naira Since it Launched! ….The product is a Newsletter):


Your adventure as a respected, well paid freelance copywriter
cannot get off the ground if you do not have the necessary
"tools" to BE a copywriter good enough to earn high-paying
jobs with an endless flow of clients.

You get there by learning WHAT to do,

And HOW to do it.

And claiming your FREE copy of;

● The Secret Hack and
● The Practical Portfolio essential to this process.

What I offer you are shortcuts to moving through the stages
— from where you are currently, all the way to pro level
(where the money gets even better).

Listen, you cannot just anoint yourself as a freelance
copywriter, ready to tackle actual advertising and marketing

…because, unlike other professions, you actually have to
PRODUCE results that justify your big earning capacity.

There’s no way to fake it. gotta know what you're doing..... and that's where I
can help.


Here’s another example:

Remember, we’ve NEVER offered a program of this caliber at
QQQT in our entire 33-year history.

Yet as I told you, I can only work with a few eager x* at a time
given the y* I’ll want to review and the time I’ll want to spend
with you.

And just be warned:

On the rare occasion I could break away from my duties here
at QQQT for 2 weeks to offer this level of one-on-one training

I had all the people I was comfortable working with in less
than 24 hours .

That’s why — if you’re interested — I highly recommend that
you sign up today…

If you act now, you’ll likely get one of the available spots.

One more...

Please understand: 

Outside of the SEVEN FIGURE xxxxxx BOOTCAMP, you’ll likely never have the opportunity again to get your hands on this kind of information…

Or to learn the real secret behind developing “Big Ecommerce Ideas, attention-sucking and cash-grabbing and killer marketing funnels” that bring you BIG money

And while I can’t guarantee your future, I can guarantee you

If You enroll for The SEVEN-FIGURE ECOMMERCE Bootcamp…..

You’ll Know Exactly How to Create Ecommerce Oil Wells That Will Make You an extra $10,000 - $12,000 every month!

But, you’re getting one shot at this

Like I said earlier, the group will be small and extremely
focused and I doubt we’ll ever repeat this offer again at such a
low price...

So, you need to reserve your spot now if you want to be part of


Notice how we’re not trying to convince the prospect which
one she should choose.

We’ve simply created the illusion that she’s in control of her
decision-making process.

Without being OR sounding needy.

That’s how you want to finish your letter.

Remember, people chase what moves away from Them.

Stay frosty

Talk soon


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