How indaboski Divided The Church (….This is HOW You Convert ANGRY Critics to Faithful Customers)

I read a tweet yesterday night that really cracked me up:

​It said something to the effect of:

 "The only Pastor who's market grew during this lockdown was Odumeje. Enough reason for them to beef him"

 Before I proceed, I want to be sure you know who I'm talking about

​The pastor in question is the internet celebrity who calls himself legendary names like:

  • The Indaboski bahose,
  • The Liquid metal, 
  • The Lion himself,
  • The war, the fight and the battle
  • The dabuskabash,
  • The lebadoo, sepre and the lamande,
  • The Abidoshika,
  • Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere Odumeje
  • And so on...

You know...

​Many Churches are losing thousands of members to this guy... And "The Church" has divided opinions on....

Whether or not he's "an anointed man of God"

  • Should he be spraying money in church?
  • Should he be seen hanging out with sinners and worldly celebrities?
  • Should he be speaking with so much pride and arrogance?
  • Should he be practicing smack down wrestlemania with his members?
  • Should he be....

Truth is:

I couldn't care less what anybody thinks of him.

​And if you think he's a fraud or a good guy, that's fine.

​But there's a marketing lesson in that little tweet up there,

​And I've made it my business to tell you what it is:

Many Nigerians LOVE Him, But Why do Pastors ENVY Him?

​The reason many pastors and their self righteous followers hate the guts of this Odumeje guy is the same reason a few  businesses keep thriving .....

​While the changing economy starves the competition to death.

More on this below.

But for now, here's why many Nigerians love Indaboski....

  • He almost always makes you laugh and he's never boring ....
    (Most Pastors are boring)
  • He acts like he doesn't give a phuck what you think about him
    (Believe it or not.... The more you act like you don't give a phuck, the more attracted people are to you and your message)
  • He's unconventional and he breaks all conventional rules of Christianity
    (Same as above, people love rebels... even if they don't have the balls to do the actual rebelling themselves)
  • He focuses more on entertaining his audience, and less on preaching the gospel (See, Nigerians just want to be entertained... )

It's clear isn't it?

​He's giving the people what they WANT!

​Not what he thinks they want or what the bible says the Children of the Lord need.


​He's just a very clever marketer.

​​He's playing his cards right and as a result....

​He's earned himself a reputation that puts multiple millions in his pockets every month

​And when you give it some thought...

​It begins to make sense why Nigerian clerics would wish they were this guy

​They envy him.

​They wish their ministries could thrive as much as "The Liquid Metal" in difficult times like these.

​Because, think about it:

​While the lockdown is seriously affecting Church growth (financially)...

​One bastard who can't even "speak correct English" is winning the hearts of millions of Nigerians.... and monetizing the hell out of it.

​This guy must be doing something right.

​Maybe he should create a course on....

  • ​"How to Become a Millionaire Pastor in 2020...  Even if God Didn't Call You (Seven-Figure Secrets of The Liquid Metal)"


  • "How to use Social Media to win 3,000 New members to your Church Every Month... BIG Tithes, Constant Seeds, And Fat Donations No Matter The State of The Economy"

Off the top of my head, but my point is... 

If "Indaboski" even hints that he's going to release a comprehensive course on explosive church growth... 

​I guarantee thousands of pastors all over the world will line up to pay as much as N1Million (I know this from my experience as a marketer)


​Can you see the marketing lesson in all of this?

​Give people what they want, not what you think they want

And for god's sake.... 

Present your message in the most entertaining way humanly possible:

As gossip,

As hot new gist,

As breaking news

As a bold statement that has instant emotional impact

And above all:

Never worry about being controversial or conventional...

If you have to break the rules or challenge the status quo just to get the favourable attention of your target audience...

By all means, do it.

Talk soon.


"The lebadoo, sepre and the lamande"

PS: Don't even think about calling me The lebadoo or anything like that

​My name is Andy Nduka Mukolo


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