US Military Women Under Copywriting Spell

Don't just read this message, memorize it.

You can thank me later. 

Here's what this is about:

Except you've been living under a rock,

You should be familiar with the following song titles...

  • Don't Rush
  • BOP Daddy.

You say you're familiar with them?


Now, believe it or NOT..

Both songs have four very interesting commonalities that have something to do with great Copywriting....

The kind of writing that makes your reader forget about everything else...immerse herself in your message and BUY what you're selling!

Here we go:

First, they've all trended as major hits on MTV, Big Radio stations,  Social Media, and even the female arm of the US Military and the Nigerian Immigration service did a Don't Rush Challenge with these songs

In other words, whatever Copywriting principle was behind these songs was so hypnotizing, even U.S Military women cast aside all seriousness and let loose (And this is fine)

Second, even though the lyrics don’t even quite make sense,

Both were major hits.

And here's why:

They have short unique intros, and very tantalizing beats that immediately strike an emotional chord and just makes YOU want to "shake body"

Third, both songs hit the chorus within 30 seconds (Which is the only part of a song most people ever really remember as they sing along and dance)

See, people just want to dance,

Nobody has that time to be trying to figure out your lyrics when all they really want is to forget their worries for a while, unwind and have a good time

A great example of this is the opening to "Don't rush" by  Young T and Bugsey

Don't rush, slow touch
Brown and white, like I go cunch
Grab and buy, make 'em go bust (bust)
Eye for eye, make 'em lose trust


....With its immediately recognizable “DOOM DOOM!” beat

Or the chorus in "BOP Daddy"  by Falz The Bahd Guy

What's my name?
BOP Daddy
Big juice
Got the club banging
Less man
More baddies
What's that?
It's a drop-top cadi

These songs get to the point fast (the chorus), before people become bored and change the TV channel or radio station or develop a bad impression of the song and the artiste!

Fourth and finally... 

The chorus of the lyrics are written in very, very basic everyday English that almost anybody can easily remember and sing along even if they're just hearing the song for the first time.

Very very important.

Can you can see some commonalities between these hit songs and some basic principles of great Copywriting ?

The kind that puts people in a buying trance (really fast) and makes them SPEND money on a product they've NOT set their eyes on yet?

I hope so.

Because at the end of the day...

Much like movies and songs and even novels...

Sales letters are only a "hit" when they touch people on an emotional level.

Stay frosty.


PS: When you listen to these songs OR any hit song for that matter...

Pay attention to just how incredibly appealing the beats are from start to finish

So appealing.... except you're....

A Sadist of the order of Hitler and Stalin....

You'll almost be forced to forget about your worries for that moment and just "Shake Body!"

Even if you don't dance right away, the beats of these songs activate a feel-good hormone that unleashes a wave of excitement through every fibre of your being

And that's how you want your reader to feel as she reads through your COPY.

Your sales letter should appeal to her deepest WANTS so baaaad, she's totally immersed in your message, forgets about everything else, feels really excited and has no choice but to....

"Shake body" and....

BUY what you're selling.

Now sing after me...

Don't rush, slow touch
Brown and white, like I go cunch
Grab and buy, make 'em go bust (bust)
Eye for eye, make 'em lose trust


What's my name?
BOP Daddy
Big juice
Got the club banging.....

And when you're done singing, what you should do is:

Keep calm and look forward to my next post.

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