27 Life Lessons From 27 Years

I recently turned 27.

I’d like to share 27 of the many lessons I’ve learned from my first 27 years on this planet.

Here’s 27 Life Lessons from 27 years.

In no particular order.

  1. Health and money are important.

    But always put your health first.N50Million in assets is useless if you can’t enjoy it in good health.

    Exercise at least 4 times a week.

    Take long walks in the morning.

    Eat fruits and vegetables.

    Run away from processed food and drinks

    Get as much rest as possible.

    Take a full 24-hour Fast at least, once a week.

    Fasting is a miracle-worker in itself.

    You’ll be shocked just how quickly your health returns to its peak.

    Try to make this a habit.

    My first 24-hour first was HARD!

    But once I completed it,

    I knew it was worth it.In the last 2 years,

    I’ve taken a full 24-hour fast once a week.

    If you can do the same, you’ll be glad you did.

    Start by skipping breakfast.Eat only fruits in the morning.

    Have a light lunch.

    More fruits.

    Then early dinner (at least before 7 or 8 or 2hours before bed.)

  2. 99% of people (even family and friends) won’t believe in you until they start seeing your results.

    No matter, follow your heart.

    Listen to your guts and keep pushing against all odds.

    The universe will conspire to make your desires come through if you keep working to make them a reality

  3. Money is good.

    Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

    The easiest way to make loads of money is to sell something with mass appeal.

    Service or product.

    Doesn’t matter.

    It’s always about numbers.
  1. If you’re rich, many people will resent you for having something they don’t have.

    The masses hate the rich.

    But if you’re rich,

    It’s not your fault that others didn’t believe in themselves enough to work towards getting rich.

  2. Religion doesn’t make you good or bad.

    If you’re good, you’re good.

    And no matter what anyone says:

    You’re never going to hell just because you refuse to buy into any of the religions out there today.

  3. Companionship is a good thing.If you find someone who makes you really happy,

    Do everything you can to make them feel loved.

  4. Dating/marriage isn’t necessarily compulsory.

    Sometimes, having a mistress or friends with benefits is fine.

  5. Sex with someone you like can be a memorable experience.But once you start having sex.

    Things either get better or worse.

    This depends on the emotional intelligence of both parties.

  6. Anger destroysYou’re better off keeping your cool.

  7. Love your parents with all your heart.

    Pardon their errors.

    Forgive their wrongdoings.

    Show them you care.

    They deserve all the love you can give them.

    No matter how badly you think they hurt you,

    They brought you into this world

    And if you don’t think you have a reason to shower them with love,

    You can at least give them credit for not killing you while you were still a toddler.

    If one of your parents is dead,

    You owe it to your surviving parent to always be there for them no matter what.
  1. Knowledge is power, but knowledge applied is where the real power is.

    What use is knowing how to give a woman mind-blowing orgasms if you can’t give your woman mind-blowing orgasms?

    What use is knowing how to craft irresistible offers if you can’t create offers that make you and your clients as much money as your heart desires?

  2. People very often don’t mean what they say.

    Mostly, they say what they say to get approval or validation.

    You’re better off saying it as you feel it.

    Let the dogs be offended.

    At least, you won’t die regretting that you didn’t tell enough people to fuck off.

  3. Perfection is a myth.

    Just start,

    And keep moving in some sort of forward direction until you hit your goals.

    You’ll never get anywhere in life if you sit around hoping all the traffic lights in the world will turn green at the same time.

  4. It’s true what they say:Money is power!On that basis, do everything legally possible to have as much money as possible.

  5. Women are 10x smarter than you think

    .They are also 10x more manipulative than men and children put together.

    You’ll be shocked how much you can learn by simply observing ….

    What women do,

    How they spend money,

    And how they react emotionally

    Put differently, women are worth studying.

    Once you understand them, you’ll have a better insight into influence and persuasion.

  6. Everybody is a hypocrite.

    At one point or the other,

    We’ve all gone ahead to do something we criticize others for doing.

    Classic human nature.If only we could live and let live.
  1. It is good to have a habit of waking up early.

    You can get a lot done before the rest of the world wakes up.

    If you can wake between 12am and 4am,

    Just think how much important work you can get done before the day brightens

    That way, you have more time to try out something new or go on that adventure 

  2. People mostly judge you based on first impressions.

    Don’t worry about impressing people.

    Stay true to who you are.

    The right people won’t have any issues with your real identity.

  3. Give money to disabled people.

    A little N200 will go a long way in making their day.

    N1,000 or more isn’t too much.It always comes back in many folds.

    If not in money, in kind.

    Most disabled people have been abandoned to their fate.

    Mostly, the sympathy of strangers is all they’ve got.

  4. It’s okay to help people when you can, and it won’t always be convenient.

    But when you help, do it from the depth of your heart.

    Without resentment or grumbling.

    Mother nature will reward you.

  5. You and everyone you know will be dead soon.

    If you have a dream, start working on it now.

    You could be dead tomorrow.

  6. Check on your loved ones.

    Don’t be quick to judge them harshly.

    Sometimes, they’re fighting battles you’re not even aware of.

    Only when you constantly check on them do they feel they can confide in you.

  7. Children are a bundle of joy.

    But if you’re going to bring them into this world,

    Be ready to take full responsibility for their welfare and happiness.

    At least, until they’re old enough to take care of themselves.

  8. Women prioritize financial security over sex.

    But if you have money,

    And you’re good with words,
    And you’re good in bed,
    And you smell nice..

    .You can have almost any woman you want.

  9. Most men only think about penetration,

    When they should be thinking about how to make their woman go wild with ecstasy.

    If you keep cumming before she cums,

    She’ll entertain the thought of getting it elsewhere.

    Preferably, from a guy who at least has the common sense to make her cum first.

    The easiest way to make a woman keep running back to you is to have a track record of …

    Satisfying her financial, sexual, and emotional needs better than anyone else before you.

    If you can’t satisfy her financially,

    You should at least make an attempt to give her mind-blowing orgasms.

    Very often, the guy who masters a woman’s mind and body has her mumu button.

    There are exceptions, but this is the rule.

    At least, in my experience and opinion.

  10. Religion is man-made, for very selfish reasons.

    Once you understand that,

    You start seeing through all the bullshit.

    The day you walk away is the day you become a bad person.

  11. You can’t always have what you want.

    But at least, you can die happy knowing you had some memorable wins.

Stay frosty.


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