Heartbroken, Depressed and Considering Retirement

There are 3 sides to every story (at least, the way I see it)...

  • The side of "what everyone else thinks"
  • The side of "not giving a f@#k"
  • The side of "saying it exactly as you feel it"

Today, I choose the 3rd side...

And as with everything I write,

There's a Copywriting lesson buried between the lines:

Here's the gist:

Looking at it from a man's perspective,

It's easy to call Tina Polovina a whore who deserves to rot in hell.

Josip Iličić  decided to pay his wife (Tina) a surprise visit in Slovenia

What he saw shattered him emotionally.

His darling wife was sleeping with another man in their home.

Heartbroken, depressed and drained emotionally... 

Iličić decided to sit out of Atalanta's UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final game against PSG.. (if you watch football, you know this was Nerazzurri's most important game of the season)

They lost.

And of course, the media being the media..... have been pushing...

Laughable rumours that Iličić (Atalanta's most valuable player at the moment) is considering retirement...

But that's beside the point, Here's what I really think about all of this:

My only problem with men who refer to Iličić's wife  as a whore and a slut is.... 

When a man cheats on his woman,

You hear dumb defense lines like:

"Please forgive him"

"At least you're still his wife"

"But she was away for months, what would he have done?"

"Maybe she was already cheating on him so he decided to start an affair"

Even from women!

Why not say the same when a woman cheats?

Why not cut her some slack?

Why not tell the man to forgive her and try to rekindle the relationship for the sake of the Children ? (Iličić and Tina have 2 daughters) 

I hope Iličić gets out of this emotional rut as soon as possible

If he wants a divorce, fine,

If he chooses to forgive her and give her a second chance,


It's his call, not anyone elses.

Okay, enough about adultery and the hypocrisy of men

Here's a Copywriting analogy you may find interesting:

It even ties in with the above story...

There's a legend of a woman who complained to a Copywriter and Psychologist that her daughter was considering joining a fraternity and that.... 

She (the mother) had told her it was never going to happen.

The Copy-Psychologist laughed and asked her a simple question: 

"Don't you think you're getting it wrong?"

"That's not possible" she fired back.

And then, he began to explain... 

Telling her that she was missing an important piece of the puzzle.

Her daughter was happy to join a group of total strangers because they....

  • Made her feel understood
  • Made her feel important
  • Encouraged her to follow her guts..
  • Didn't try to impose anything on her...
  • Gave her a renewed sense of purpose
  • Made her believe she had the power of choice
  • Satisfied her deep-seated need to feel loved and appreciated

If the Fraternity wanted to her to go on an adventure with them

She'd do it in a heartbeat

If her mother wanted her to follow her to church?

Not a chance.

You know why?

I'll tell you:

The fraternity had connected with the girl on an emotionally stimulating level the mother will probably never understand. 

And do you know why people cheat with complete strangers?

It's very often because:

These strangers are able to connect with them on an emotionally stimulating level that ...

Their partners can't even come close to. 

Keep this in mind when next you want to sell.

Stay frosty.


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