How to sell with Stories

If you have to use a story to start your sales letter (Story lead...) please NOTE:

Don't start by saying:

I was born into a very poor family,

My father was a Journalist and my mother, a petty trader.

  • Zero drama.
  • Zero intrigue
  • Zero curiosity
  • Lack of punch


You give your reader the impression this is another rags-to-riches story


And for this reason, your Copy is....


If you'll sell with stories,

Start with drama or intrigue or curiosity

Something that gives your reader a punch in the GUT!


  •  I'll never forget standing there like a fool
  •  My wife threatened to divorce me and leave with our 2 daughters
  • I knew I was going to die and I was ready to kill the stupid DOCTOR

Then tie it in with the rest of your copy....


Stay frosty


P.S: There are many ways to get paid as a Copywriter.......... and also many ways to get screwed by charlatans parading themselves as Rich business owners...

  • Don't worry just start, I'll pay you once you're done (We're going to be
    working on a lot of projects together...) 

  • I'll pay you in equity.. I want you to partner with me
  • You'll definitely get your money, that's not a prob...

F***k OFF!!!

Listen, if you're in the business of writing for money:

Don't cook anything until you've gotten at least 50% of your money upfront

I learned some hard-won lessons in my early years

Lessons about how to avoid getting screwed and instead,

Dine with deep pocket Clients who pay well and pay on time.

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