Insufficient Funds

During my morning walk today....

I was jamming up Chinko Ekun's "Able God" ft. Zlatan and Lil Kesh...

There's a lesson buried in the Chorus

Before I tell you what it is,

Here's the Chorus:

Able God!,

Shower your blessings!!,

We want this money!!!,

Abeg we beg you!!!!...

No more insufficient fund (a ti sise)

No more insufficient fund (a ti gbope)

No more insufficient fund (Aboki ti se Dollar)

No more insufficient fund (eh eh)

*I don't understand what a ti sise, a ti gbope, or Aboki ti se Dollar mean (If you understand Yoruba, please let me know what they mean...)

But here's what I noticed:

You listen to this song and it's clear:

These boys were singing with a deep insight into...

The common financial struggle of the everyday Nigerian who very often..

Can't even walk up confidently to an ATM to withdraw money and do what he wants


Insufficient Funds!

I'm sure you've been in that dreaded place before {!firstname_fix}...

It's paralyzing!

At one point or the other, we've all been there..

But it's what we did about it that made the difference.

For me, my response was learning a financially valuable skill like Copywriting

When you learn how to write simple words that attract and sell,

You should never again have to worry about money.

If you're not already trying to master Copywriting,

Maybe you should start taking this skill more seriously.

If you're already learning Copywriting and you're not yet sure how to monetize it

One of the fastest ways is to sell your services as a Freelance Copywriter...

But how do you get well-paying Clients when you're just starting out with NO experience?

Get some help here:

How to Get Clients with NO Experience

Stay frosty!


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