What do You Want?

I want you to take out  1-minute to think about what you want

YOU, not them.

I want YOU to be very selfish here

Think about ONLY you

What do YOU really - really - really WANT in life?

It doesn't have to sound good to anyone else but YOU.

Screw family

Screw friends

Screw lovers


They'll all suck it up and forgive YOU when you succeed eventually.

For once in your life think about ONLY what YOU really WANT!



Now, start Googling stuff like a demon-possessed nerd

Believe it or not, Someone somewhere has already achieved what you want to do...

And Google can help you discover how they did it by bringing up a bunch of quality materials documenting STEP-BY-STEP....

How you can use the same info to start the process of achieving the very thing that means the world to YOU

What steps can YOU start taking as quickly as tomorrow?

How much time do you want to give yourself to accomplish this thing YOU really want? (it helps to give yourself a deadline... but make it realistic) 

Decide, and act accordingly.

Now, here's a very important piece of this puzzle...

Write down your goal on a piece of paper (in the present tense) and recite it to your hearing at least 2 times a day... (Do this goddammit. Do it!) 

Upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night 

It's called super suggestion OR affirmations.


"I am the greatest Copywriter alive and I make N10Million every month for Copywriting services rendered. Top entrepreneurs and World class marketers travel from far and wide to sit at my feet and learn from me every month"

Got it?


This is not some aspire-to-perspire nonsense

Affirmations work like crazy

But only when YOU implement ruthlessly and go at YOUR goals with the determination of a prime bull.

Don't think you're too sophisticated, too woke or too above doing DAILY affirmations

You are NOT.

Stay frosty.



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