$800 gig for email creatives

Here's what I found on Aboki Forex a few minutes ago:

$1 = N467

Which means: $800 = 800 x 467

And if you take out your calculator and do the math:

You'll get N373,600

That's how much Mo' Jimoh (one of my readers) pocketed for an email gig after taking a sabbatical (a break) in August:

Here's the Twitter conversation we had in September: 



Mo: Hi Andy, how’s it going? Just checking up king.

Me: Hey Mohammed, I'm good, how have you been?

Mo: I’ve been great! Was in my hometown for the most part of august... I got active again this month & just got an $800 gig for email creatives. Sincerely happy about it Andy. I got your AM letter book last night to make my work easier & faster.... Thanks king!




Now here's something:

In Nigeria, many "senior" employees with 10+ years of experience don't even make more than 300 grand a month; 


Mo' collects N373,600 for one gig (less than 3 days work)

I didn't say in one month,

I said one gig.

And this guy takes on more than one client a month..

Do the math.

Then, take a look at your account balance

You like what you see in there?

If no...

Are you ready .... right now..... to take your very first step on a path where:

You're making nothing less than N300,000 every month for a few hours of writing?

If yes...

Start Here

Stay frosty.


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