November 4

There's a promise I made in my first year of Copywriting...

"Once I've figured out how the money works here, I'll devote quality time to helping people find their feet and voice in this business ...."

I didn't start teaching Copywriting until December 2019

But I believe I have kept my promise.

Here's why I bring this up:

I'm working on something I've had to put on hold for over 1-year (Because I wanted to be able to teach Copywriting with my heart and soul...)

This could affect a number of things, 

Like ....

How often you hear from me,

How easy it is to get a reply from me...

The depth of teaching in my emails

And so on.

The deeper I get into this thing I'm working on.....

The more I'll have to adjust...

And the less time I'll have for other stuff.

So if you notice any changes,

Try to remind yourself that I wrote you this email.

Stay frosty.


P.S: Did I really have to tell you all this?

Well, if you're someone who honestly looks forward to reading my stuff

It's only fair that I give you a heads up.


P.P.S: Be careful what you tolerate, you are teaching people how to treat you.

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