I Love your Work, How Much Do you Charge?

"I Love your Work, How Much Do you Charge?"

As a rookie Copywriter, I always looked forward to receiving messages like this.

They never came.

Why do I bring this up?

I'll tell you why, but before I do....

I just want to take out a minute to say:

If you were kind enough to reply my email yesterday,

I really do appreciate that you took a few minutes to read, digest and share your thoughts on a matter very dear to my heart.

Maybe I didn't reply your response,

But trust me, If you replied, I read yours, and I appreciate your kind gesture.

If you didn't reply.... that's fine... 

No hard feelings....

(NB: If you've NOT yet read that email, I urge you to go read and study it from A-Z... The subject line is "Marriage Proposal" ...  and there's a lot of Copywriting lessons you'll gain by just studying the structure of that letter...)

Moving on:

Th reason I decided to talk about my experience as a rookie Copywriter is because:

I get a lot of messages from NOT just rookie Copywriters, but Copywriters who've been around for a while but still can't figure out how to get booked solid with Clients who pay really well....

Frankly, at some point....

I got tired of replying messages every now and then

And that's why I created the Foreign Copywriting Initiative...

A Copywriting crash course that shows you step by step:

*How to get badass at writing potent copy (super important)

*How to use web 2.0 to acquire the right clients

*The right way to write cold emails and DMS that stand out in your prospect's inbox, get opened, get read and get responded to... 

*How to get paid upfront (before you write a single word)

*How to retain your clients and expand your LIST of paying clients using the principles of strategic influence and persuasion...

And more, including:

A HOT LIST of over 20 "ready to hire" publishing businesses you can reach out to immediately you're done with the program


One of the major perks of the Foreign Copywriting Initiative is that:

You're given access to a private group of Copywriters who understand to a "T" how the money works in this business of ours...

You'll be able to ask questions and get honest feedback (and proper guidance) in real time


You can check out everything risk-free

And if you're NOT satisfied after 90-days of implementing what you learn from the Foreign Copywriting Initiative program...

I will pay you N25,000.

And let me make you a small promise:

If you implement what you learn, your bank account and earning capacity will be proof that you didn't waste your time on this.

Start here: How to Prosper as a Copywriter

Stay frosty.


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