Gary Halbert’s Method For Getting New Clients

This will work very well for you if you already have at least one Client you've gotten results for...

It's a trick Gary Halbert often used to get clients running in his direction.

I use it.

My clients use it.

Some of my students use it.

Now understand this:

Gary's fee for a project was $15,000 UPFRONT

At N460 to $1, 

That's over N8Million Naira

PLUS, a healthy percentage of the back end sales....

Sometimes it was up to 5%...

BUT that 5% represented so much loot because:

The ad was often mailed (direct mail) to millions of Americans

And as long as conversions where good...

Gary was making a fortune in royalties.

So whenever Gary felt like catching another BIG Fish (Marketing Code for Players WITH Money to Spend), he'd write an I.V AD

I.V means invitation, and here's how he structured the ad

He'd start 20% of the ad by making a BOLD Claim about his abilities to GET business owners mindblowing results...

Then, in the following 60% of the ad,

He'd OVER-defend that claim using Case studies upon case studies of his most successful campaigns for both himself and his clients... (Across different markets...)

Then, the remaining 20% of the ad would be an invitation to YOU.

Something along the lines of...

"If you'd like me to help you create killer advertising that will make you a ton of Money.... All you have to do is reach out to my Assistant Theresa and book a Session with me...."

It worked practically everytime he did it and you know why?

4 things:


Authority positioning.



And a NO B.S compelling promise of what could be for ya....

So how can you replicate that in today's digital world?

It's simple.

SHOW results.

And make it abundantly clear that you know your ONION!

My man Golibe does this superbly well.

After getting results for a client in a particular market,

He then uses that as a case study on Twitter in one of his threads where he's talking about a Marketing strategy and how he used it to get results...



Then he teases you to reach out if you need help with your marketing.


Whenever you take on a Client,

Make damn sure you keep track of the results,

And if conversions are good...

Use that as a case study on any Social media platform where you're most active...

If you get testimonials from your clients, use them in your posts/tweets/threads/emails...

And always invite Clients to reach out if they need help with their advertising.


If conversions are not impressive,

Of course, you have to step in and fix the campaign

BUT here's the thing...

You can always use lessons from that failed (first attempt) to create threads or content that teaches something valuable...

It's called educative marketing.

Like mistakes to avoid and stuff like that.

And you may not know it, but the reality is:

Just admitting your campaign failed reflects a raw honesty that very often makes clients happy to work with YOU.

One last thing, and it's ..... well, not like you'll die if you don't do it....

But if you read this email again,

You might pick up a few vital points you missed on your first reading.

Stay frosty.


P.S: I'm looking for folks who have nothing to lose...

People who are ready to bleed and work like crazy to make a lot of money writing for busines owners and marketers looking to hire new Copywriters worth their salt

You probably won't get your first Client in your first month,

Or your second month,

Or even your 3rd month...

I can't guarantee how quickly you'll land your first client,

BUT if you're obsessed and consistent,

And you show up every freaking day...

Again and again and again like a MAD DOG!

You'll come to see that the money you'll be earning is worth the effort

How does $2,000 (N900,000) a month sound?

Interested and ready to do the work?

You can start here

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