Copywriting Assignment

It's a pretty simple assignment.

The benefits are enormous and there are no drawbacks.

But like I always say....

"You don't have to do it"

However, if you have the liver for it...

Here's your Copywriting assignment for today:

Open your email.

Search "Andy Mukolo"

Look at the subject lines from my last 10 emails.

Pick the top 5.

Study those subject lines

Look at the choice of words.

Open each of the 5 emails one by one,

Pay attention to how I start these emails...

Choice of words...

How I hold attention without losing my reader...

How I use seemingly random events to share valuable lessons on Copywriting, Marketing and entrepreneurship...


Pay special attention to how I start my stories...

And how I transition from story to pitch or story to moral/lesson/insight

Also... pay special attention to the entire flow of the email.

How I lead my reader from point A to B to C.... and so on.

If you do this...

You'll learn something valuable.

But wait, what if you choose not to do it?

What's the worst that could happen?


Absolutely nothing.

It's your life.

Stay frosty.


P.S: You know, I've been told I write some of the best emails in the world.... (that's up for debate...)




And shame on me if I don't accept the compliment.

Bottomline: if you do this exercise...

It means you're getting an invaluable education on World Class Email Marketing.

From one of the best Copywriters in the world right now.

But then again, you don't have to do it just because I said you should do it (After all, you never really take anything I say seriously..)

Do it because you really want to learn.

Finally, don't just read my emails passively.

Study them consistently.

P.P.S: The worst kind of people in Lagos are those vendors who sell Groundnuts / Cashew Nuts using bottles that have very tiny mouths

You'll get home and start battling to pour groundnuts/cashnew nuts from the bottle into your plate.

Rubbish people.

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