Write Anything (100-words)

I fully expect that you're going to end up not doing this

But I'll share it with you anyway...

Pick a particular time of the day during morning hours when you're at your peak (mentally..)

Could be between 3am - 11am

Write anything.

At least, 100-words.

Could be a tweet,

A post,

An article,

A status update,

An email

Or just something in between.

Do this for 90-days straight.

And while you're at it

Study great writing too


If you come across a piece of writing that intrigues you,

Don't jus read it,

Dissect it...

Copy it out by hand,

Look at the choice of words...

The structure...

The flow >>>>

The lead (start)

The middle

The close...

The main thing is the structure, the flow, and the choice of words.

Of course, this may seem like basic stuff

But the biggest secrets are very often the most basic things.

And take it or leave it:

The major ingredient to becoming a great (and financially successful) Copywriter.... is... obsessively writing something everyday... or on more days than not.

"How can you tell me to write everyday? I don't have the time...... how will I be writing something everyday for 90-days??? Do I even need to do this???  "


You don't need to.

And the sky won't fall if you don't do it.

Stay frosty.


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