You're probably familiar with this analogy

Much has been said and written about it

It's something about The Millionaire Next Door (TMND),

The person who is actually very rich,

And has plenty of money in stored assets and liquid cash,

But doesn't look like or have the appearance of someone you'd expect to be rich

Versus: The person who looks the part, but isn't as rich as the other guy

One thing we were taught as personal bankers was:

Looks and appearances can be deceptive/misleading

Your biggest clients are very often dressed in Tshirts and shorts and Slippers

Whereas, the seemingly rich ones driving big cars don't pull in as much cash flow

My point (which a lot of people never seem to get)

The whole essence of being rich is to be able to set your own rules,

Without fear of being ridiculed or laughed at.

If you're rich... (I mean, if you really have more money than you can possibly spend...)

And you're still bothered about what people think of your dress sense

Or your lifestyle

Then you're a slave.

Here's something you can actually do if you have financial autonomy

If you already know how much you make every month

You could say to yourself:

"I'm more comfortable wearing T-shirts and ripped jeans with slippers, And that's what I'll wear 90% of the time.... No matter where I'm going. And if you don't like it, That's your business."

And here's a very wise thing to do:

You make N50Million,

Good. Very good.

Now, what's the next thing you're doing?

*Buy an AUDI A6

*Move to a more expensive neighbourhood

*Buy the latest Samsung QLED

*Go to Lifemate and pick an expensive set of Furniture

To prove what?

And to whom are you proving this point?


When you're done satisfying your vanity

And spending 95% of that money on liabilities

And you have like maybe N5Million left

You start thinking of investments to make

How about doing it anticlockwise?

Of course not,

You gotta impress people.

And speaking of making N50Million

You know you can actually make N50Million of your own money (even much more) in a year if you're really good at Copywriting ??

A necessary math:

N50Million in 12months = N4,166,666

So, to hit N50MM in 12 months,

You need to figure out how to do an average of N4MM every month

Before you allow the devil tell you it's not possible for you,

Some of my students are doing the Naira equivalent of N5MM / Month from Copywritng services alone (as in, Client money)

And you can, if you're really hungry to make *Fuck YOU Money!

Here's a little math to help you see the reality of the picture in front of you:

N4MM a month is actually $8,000 (at today's exchange rate)

There's 2 ways you could make this happen:

Copywriting services rendered = $4,000 from 2 clients ($2,000 each)

You do this by focusing on Foreign Clients who pay in Dollars.

Then, the other $4,000 (N2MM) --- can come from:

Affiliate marketing or a Joint Venture or Ecommerce

Or a combination of one or 2 or all 3

And remember:

You have to be as serious as cancer.

You have to be ruthless and be consistent every step of the way.

Does this guarantee you'll hit 50MM in 12-months?

Well, the way I see it...

If you go hard, 3 things are likely to happen:

  • You hit N50MM in 12-months
  • You fall short and hit maybe N30MM or N20MM
  • You surpass N50MM and hit N60MM.. N70MM or even N100MM

Either way....

You'd have made more money than most people can only dream of.

If and only if...

You're ruthless and consistent.

Stay frosty


P.S: I'm not ashamed to say it

Every penny I have today is down to Copywriting,

And that's why I teach and encourage people to master this skill

Because once you understand how to sell effectively with written words,

You can single-handedly lift an entire generation out of poverty

But along the line, you may need guidance

Someone to answer your questions & show how this business really works (so you shorten your learning curve and get results faster...)

And so I say unto ye...

If you'd love my guidance to make a ton of money for yourself with Copywriting.... 

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