Exhibit #1: Behavioral Patterns

You don't have to agree

Heck, I don't even want you to agree 

But human beings are fucking liars

And we're very good at saying we want X,

When in fact... deep down.. it's Y we want to kill for.


Many women say:

"I want a good man... a kind, loving.. caring, hardworking man who'll take care of me. I don't care much about money or looks and he doesn't have to be a pornstar in bed..."

Oh yea?

Then why have you been avoiding broda Sodiq who teaches Agric Science in a Secondary school down the road?

Even when he checks all those boxes?

Another example:

Most men claim:

"I don't have any issues with Feminism"


"When a woman cheats... you call her a whore... but when a man cheats... it's a man's thing... thats how men are... And when a man yells at you for doing something wrong... you'll probably ignore it... but when a woman does the same... she's being rude"

Example 3:

When parents say:

"I want a child who thinks for him/herself.. Questions things and does thing differently"

Not true... at least ... 99% of the time

WHat parents really mean is...

"I want a child who does exactly as I say and never questions my instructions nor strays from what I teach them"

In otherwords, you want a Child who can't think for themselves and question things or do things differently..

One more example:

When majority of religious men say:

"I don't really want my wife to be hot in bed... Couldn't care less if she has well-rounded boobs.... a lovely skin and an ass to kill for... I Just a homely, responsible woman who'll love me and take care of our children"

Not bad. 

But if that were the case...

Why do most religious married men cheat with women who aren't "homely"... but have very sexy bodies?

It's because deep-down...

That's what they really crave.

An intimate affair with a hot woman.

I could give you 100 more examples...

But by now...

I'm sure you get the point

Understanding what people really want is the heart and soul of salesmanship

Because once you've figured that out

And you know exactly what emotional triggers to pull 

You can literally write your own ticket.


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