Exhibit #2: Criminal Profiling

I don't know if you're hearing this for the first time

Do you know why the U.S NAVY SEAL is considered the most dangerous special operations unit on earth right now...?

It's not just their cold calculated modus operandi

It's... in my opinion...

The ruthless criminal profiling of everything about their target

  • Their history
  • Their favourite places to go
  • Their fantasies
  • Their biggest fears
  • The people they care about the most
  • Their most trusted allies
  • Their most hated enemies
  • Their biggest strength
  • Their weak links
  • Their network
  • Crime history
  • Religious stance
  • Belief System
  • Major source of income
  • Other income streams
  • And so on...

Including details like...

  • Most reliable contacts during emergencies
  • Family and friends they're regularly in touch with
  • Phone numbers they're in talks with regularly
  • Most likely safety hide-outs
  • What their arsenal of weapons looks like


So before they even launch an offensive...

Or move a muscle...

They know their target better than his own mother does (considering the fact that she doesn't know all that bad, dirty stuff he's been up to...)

And you know what?

The NAVY SEAL doesn't lift a finger until they're sure they have an accurate profile of their target...

Then, and only then...

Do they consider it "the right time" to launch an offensive

You get where all of this is going yea?

Market research!

Before you write a fucking word of sales copy

Before you create your offer

Before you think about your USP

Consider Profiling your prospect,

Down to the color of her eye lashes.

You've got the internet

Google stuff.

Digfor dirt.

Raise the mattress.

Look beneath the couch

You'll find enough raw material ...

With which you can then assemble a compelling pitch she'll say yes to (because it's spot on and exactly what she wants to hear)

Stay frosty.


P.S: I'm still taking in Copywriting students for 2021

And the number 2 thing I teach my students,

After human psychology...

...is show them how to do criminal profiling research.... (Not like the Navy Seal of course, since we're not killing or catching anybody)

If you're a student of mine....

I show you how to know your prospect so well...

The moment you're done with your research

You have quality info on what to say... 

And how to say it

To get your reader to respond to your message.

This way, you're not staring at a blank screen with zero idea what you're going to write.

And you can even use this to land clients.

Like Walter and Peter .

2 of my students who started sometime in June,

And are now doing over $3,000 a month in writing fees alone

Because they took action!

And I'm confident you can do same...

Even better (using what I share with you ..) 

If you've not already signed up

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