What your Clients really want to hear

Your client doesn't want to hear all that bullshit about who you are and what you can do

Sounds a bitch sketchy I know

But to make Clients say yes to you

Understand: what they want to hear is quite simple

That you've walked a mile in their shoes and ....

Not only do you understand what's making their lives /business a living hell...

You know exactly how to help them fix it.

A practical solution.. not theoretical rubbish.

So you have to start by diagnosing the problem

Always start with the problem (or more often than not)

Then, proceed to offer a simple solution


I was going through your website and I noticed xxxxx, this could be the reason you're not achieving yyyyy ... or the reason you're struggling with zzzz... but there's a simple solution and here's how it works....>>>> if you're not 100% sure how to fix this.... I can help you if you want"

We could do better of course

But the example is to show you an important lesson:

Your clients are always thinking about problems.

Problems standing between them and their desired results

And if you...

As a freelance Copywriter or freelance whatever,

Comes in with a clear diagnosis of the problem (so they understand why they've been struggling...)

And a quick (yet simple) outline of a long-lasting solution... (so they see how you can help them end their misery...)

You have a super-high chance of landing more Clients than you can possibly handle.

The bottomline of all this is deep-dive research of course

You can't diagnose a Client's problem

And offer them a practical solution

If you've not done your homework

You can't just wake up one morning and tell a Client this is what the problem is, if you've not looked them up to see...

What they're doing

How they're doing it

Where the leak... problem... bottleneck is.

And how you can help them

If you're not 100% sure how this works

It's one of the things I show my students in the New FCI program

The important of researching a client...

And how to do research like a seasoned Copywriter...

So you have the right raw materials ... from which you can then construct a compelling pitch ....

That makes your client eager to work with you.

If you're not in the program already

Feel free to join the on-going lecture here

Stay frosty



P.S: My first Copywriting workshop for 2021 is going down this Sunday, at 4pm

I'll be expanding further on the theme of today's email

And one of the keypoints will be how you bill your Clients...

So they see it as a win-win for both parties...

Even it you think the money is too much.

This way, your client doesn't think you're overcharging them

And you... the freelancer.... Doesn't feel like you're undercharging either

Now, even if that's the only thing I address...

You'd go away feeling satisfied you learned something really valuable

But there's a few other important points I'll be breaking down too

So be sure to arrive on time

Bring your pen, paper and questions.

It's going to be a memorable meeting.


You can only attend if you're a member of The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

If you're inside the program already, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday

And if you'd love to attend the workshop,

But you're not a member of the Foreign Copywriting Initiative,

You can still join here

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