Sometimes, Shut up!

I know you have a lot to say

But the truth is...

Knowing when to shut up is a superpower.

This is one of the secrets of great salesmen

As a Copywriter or Marketer

You're like that guy at the bar who's a bit sober and listening to drunk folks bitch about their jobs, nagging wives, fears, hopes, personal struggles...

And all what not!

The simple fact that you're willing to shut up and listen to them

Makes the feel like they can trust you and tell you anything

The way they see it....

You're that non-judgmental buddy they've just met who ...

Instead of judging them..

Listens to their woes

Nods in agreement

Sympathizes with them

And reassures them with all sense of confidence:

"I got you... I'm with you on this .... and here's a simple way to make this go away"

And dearly beloveth...

You can't do that if you're the one doing all the talking

Listening and avoiding arguments makes your job easier

Heck, it makes life easier

Learn to sharrap and let people talk

It helps you understand human nature better

And ultimately makes you a better Copywriter and Marketer

Stay frosty



P.S: I don't know if you remember,

But in one of my emails last week,

I said I get new Testimonials almost on a daily basis

This came on Monday


News like this nourishes my soul

Ade is barely 1-month into learning from me

And the equation is a pretty simple one

You find me...

You learn from my free or paid stuff...

You start implementing like crazy

You taste blood (Code for: start making money)

You scale

You make even more money

Parte after Parte...

And if you're interested in becoming a student of mine

Here's what you should know

"I no dey make iyanga"

"I'm a simple man by nature"

In otherwords...

I am approachable

And I make it very easy for you to learn from me

No stress.

See, All this grammar is just my way of saying:

If you're not already in my Copywriting Class for 2021

You can still join the January Batch here

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