Common Sense

Except you weren't raised in Nigeria

You're probably very familiar with these 5 words

Nigerian parents say it a lot

Just misbehave and 70% of the time...

It's very likely the next thing you hear is:

"Common sense you don't have"

And that's usually accompanied by:

A dirty slap (that will make you see stars)

Or a knock on the head (that will give you a life-threatning migraine )

The thing is...

If you're the average Nigerian Parent,

Who has to work really hard to build a comfortable home for your kids...

You probably don't realize the extent of the damage done when you...

Consistently use degoratory remarks on your kids,

Or yell at them

Or fight (verbally/physically) with your spouse in front of them

Or yell at each other to their hearing

You're doing serious damage to your kid's/kids mental health..

Whether they're introverted or not

And no matter how old or tender they are

No child wants to see their parents fighting

No child wants to be insulted by their parent

No child wants to be brought up in a chaotic home

See, I watched my nephews and my niece growing up upon my very eyes

And I did a lot of babysitting...

Which nearly drove me insane,

Because babysitting kids btw 2 and 5 can send you to your early grave.

So I know parenting is not easy

Especially in Nigeria where it comes with all sorts of challenges

But if you have kids...

Or you're planning to have kids

You owe it to them...

And to yourself....

To be the parent you wish your parents were.

You don't have to be perfect

Just do the best you can to create a happy environment for them

And make it as easy as fuck for them to talk to you about anything

Without fear of being judged or condemned

Now... where's the Copywriting lesson in all of this??

It's simple:

Many Nigerian parents may not be skilled in the game of influence and persuasion...

But the one Copywriting technique they always (albeit unknowingly) ... execute superbly well is:

See your eye!

Be there waiting for Copywriting lesson.

Don't go-and find something to eat this morning

And If you like don't stay frosty




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