Sorry, you can’t work with me privately

It's simpler than pronouncing your own name...

If you've been thinking of working with me privately,

It's possible you don't even have what it takes to work with me privately.

Here's why...

Simply signing up to work with me privately won't make you rich or richer

It's what you do with what I give you

As always, I'll bring my A game... 

And I expect you to do the same.

You have to come in ready to implement like crazy

And go all the way... No matter what.

Of course, I'll be there for you every step of the way

Showing you what works and how you go about getting incredible results

BUT NOTHING will happen overnight

It's going to be a process....

With bumps and huddles on the way

Your breakthrough may not come as speedily as you want it

And that's something you need to understand


I'll take you from A to B to C and all the way through the very important stuff you need to know to achieve your desired income goals

You'll get to see how I...

Run my own biz

Think about life, marketing and copywriting 

Create my offers

Create joint ventures

Create new income streams 

Scale existing offers

And so on

It's going to be like a crazy high...

Better than any drug you could ever try

But like I hinted earlier:'re most likely not going to enjoy every bit of it


Because it comes with sacrifices, disappointments and serious hardwork,

The likes of which you may not be used to already...

But that's the price for the kind of enviable results you'll be getting in the long-term a result of working with me privately

Now, of course...

None of this sounds sexy or inviting

And my guess is... at this point...

You're probably not so excited about working with me privately 

And as such... 

"I'm sorry that you can't work with me privately"

But if you like the sound of what I've said thus far

And you're still interested in working with me privately

Here's how it works:

My private coaching program kicks off on the 1st of March

That's like 28-days from now.

The details:

Capacity: 5 slots

Slots taken: 3 slots

Slots available: 2 slots

Investment: $1,000 (N400,000 at official FX rate)

Duration for program: 3-months (1-quarter)

Added Benefits: Life time support and private access to me...

NOTE: I'll look at every thing you create or put out there in the next 12-months.

Deadline for payment: February 14th (Valentine's Day)

If you can afford it..

Simply reply this email... (with your name and phone number)

And I'll send you the account details for payment

If you have any questions, I will answer them during our call

And if .... unfortunately... you're interested in working with me privately

But you can't afford the N400,000 ($1,000) fee..

And you're not already part of my Copywriting Class for 2021

You can still join here: February Batch, FCI 2021

It costs N35,000 only

And if you can't afford that too...

Just keep reading my emails and my tweets and my blog

And be sure to implement consistently too.

Soon enough, you'll be able to "easily afford" my paid stuff


Stay frosty


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