Jesus Baby

It may already be too late

But it is important you understand:

This is not some sort of damage control.

It's just me admitting my bad

And what you make of this is entirely up to you:

So 13-hours ago, I put out a Tweet....


Free therapy for all writers:

  • Great Music Lots of Sleep
  • Great fiction
  • Intriguing movies w/ suspense-filled plots
  • Long walks (morning/evening)
  • Deep conversations with open minded folks/ loved ones
  • Adventure x Travel
  • And just about anything that helps you worry less

A few minutes later... 

The comments started rolling in:

Mostly, from fellow writers and marketers, acknowledging they found some/all these activities to be great sources of stress-relief:

And a few comments offered valuable suggestions too...

Like Toyin Omotoso (veteran marketer/copywriter) and Seyi Adejumo putting in a timely reminder that sex was actually great therapy too

For example, Toyin's comment:

"I don't know why sex is not on the list sha. Amazing therapy."

LOL, my bad

But you should read Toyin's reply to a guy who said "Sex isn't free in Lagos" (thinking of it now, this could have been my subject line for this email... The word "Sex" gets more attention and pulls more traffic than "Jesus" )

If you have even a drop of direct marketing blood flowing thru your veins

I shouldn't even have to explain this to you:

Anyway, after Toyin's comment

My man Nonso Emetoh said "Intermittent Fasting" was great as well

So the thing is:

I do a lot of intermittent fasting myself

It's the first thing I learned from the great Gary Halbert

And it's amazing how those 8, 12, 16 or 24 hours of "no food" clear you out ...

Body, mind and soul

Leaving you with a rush of red-blooded energy and deep calm that makes you feel... 

Alive, healthy and supercharged,

Just like when you were much younger and running around all day 

Never feeling as exhausted as most adults do these days.

In any case, the benefits of "intermittent fasting" are enormous,

So solid point from Nonso

BUT it's the comment from "Jesus baby" that made my day: 

"@andy_mukolo if sex was included on this list (although, by @toyinomotoso), why wasn't God's Word included... God's Word is the best therapy for anything, any day and at any time. Cheers."


You can reply her if you want sha

Me, I have an email sequence to write this morning

Once I'm done sending you this email

I'm off to do some email Copywriting for a project my mentor (Ronald Nzimora) and I are working on

And whatever happens in Abuja today:

I hope you find a source of great therapy works well for you 

If it's a combination of a few things outlined in this email (including Jesus baby's non-negotiable prescription....)

Then that's fine.

But you see...

The lesson is NOT in the activity/activities on the list

The lesson is in seeing the importance of stress-relief

And it's not just for writers

As long as you're a human being walking the surface of the earth...

You should always make a conscious effort to "de-stress" yourself

As oft as possible, too.

Maka ndu gi (for your life's sake igbo language.)

Stay frosty


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