I know someone who Charges Less

 I know someone who charges less

These six words are responsible for why many bloody good freelancers are underpaid and overworked....

Listen... once a Client begins to say stuff like...

"I know someone who charges less"

"I'm in talks with other freelancers right now... and they'd be happy to work with me for less than what you're asking me to pay"

"Why am I paying you so much?"

What they're trying to achieve is a bargain.

In most cases, they have already decided in their head they want to work with you

They just want to see how much of a bargain they can squeeze out of you

My advice?

Look at the potential of the gig in question

Then decide if it's worth giving them a bargain

Sometimes, depending on the back-end potential and secondary benefits of the gig

You might want to settle for a bargain

Like you charge $3,000...

But you really want to establish a working relationship with this Client (because now you see the potential...)

So you tell them they can pay $2500 for a monthly retainer.

And if you play your cards right...

That $500 you've taken off their shoulders will come back in many many folds via referrals and repeat business 

But the truth is...

Not every Client deserves a bargain

In fact, in "most cases",

Being the guy who doesn't budge on his fees makes you the most sought-after person in your space


Because that kinda attitude screams class and premium value.

And premium value doesn't come cheap or with discounts

This is something you need to keep in mind going into discovery calls or negotiations with Clients

Understand exactly what it is you're bringing to the table

How that helps your client get what they want

And how much value you place on what you're doing or will be doing for them

Being conscious of this helps you close more deals

And ultimately attract bigger fish

That is, assuming you know how to create leverage with existing clients

Stay frosty



P.S: you know client money is not the only way to monetise your skills yea?

Take Copywriting for example...

There's about 7 income streams you can create with your writing skill

And all 7 of them can be automated to run simultaneously

Once you understand this concept of automated cash-flow systems

You can easily triple your earnings every month

So instead of doing say... N500k a month

You have like 2 cashflow systems bringing in extra N500k each

That's like N1.5MM instead of N500k

Just an example

It could be 10x .. 20x that

Not bad right?

This is similar to what Tamilore Adewuyi does

He's using one skill to create mad cash-flow for himself

And he works really hard and smart...

Consistently too

And that's why his numbers are so sick

I know because his primary mentor is my close friend

Anyway, I've explained how this works in section 6 of my new Copywriting training

First, I show you how to make a consistent seven figure income with your writing skills

Then, I show you how to create or leverage cash-flow systems and assets that multiply your monthly earnings... while you focus on your primary source of income

You can finish section 6 in less than 15-minutes

Then put the strategy to work by tomorrow (the Internet doesn't go on breaks)

If you don't have access to the program yet

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