Dear reader,

I don't know what the time is right now,

But I just wanted to tell you,

Whether you're Christian,



Or just something in-between...

This little note from Frank Kern should... / If you keep an open mind... / 

Give you a little nudge in the right direction:

Frank Kern (@frankkern)/ IG:

After working with entrepreneurs for the past 22 years,

I’ve learned that the number one “thing” that jams us up is FEAR.

What if this doesn’t work?

What if I look dumb?

What if I get haters?

Well ...I can guarantee you that ALL of these fears will happen eventually.(Typically sooner rather than later).

So the ones who “win” aren’t the ones who avoid them.

They’re the ones who face them, experience them, and move though them.

Easier said than done.



You got this.


More from California's finest:

"And when fear is gone.../ so is procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm.... / ... and when these symptoms are gone... you're pretty unstoppable"


Still as insightful today, as when he wrote it 4 weeks ago on Instagram /

Sort of reminds me of the point I was trying to drive home in the closing paragraphs of my email yesterday morning...


The reason a LOT of people would rather go for a Masters (to increase their chances of getting a job / a better job/  or a promotion)... than learn a skill or start a business???

My Friend Abdul-Qawiyyy said it best:

"With a job, there's no risk... you're guaranteed a monthly salary... whether you work or not.....

...Unlike high-income skills or businesses where even though you're doing crazy numbers.... nothing is certain"

There you have it

One group is scared of taking risks

They want security

They feel entitled

And they don't want to venture out of their comfort zones

But the other?

These are the Crazy ones

The renegades and risk takers who go all the way to lift their families out of poverty and suffering


And take it or leave it:

As far as happiness goes,

Don't let anyone blackmail you emotionally ... into making life decisions that don't align with your happiness and peace of mind

Yes, they're going to be offended

As it ought to be

But that's not your business.

Your business is to do what makes YOU, happy.

And let everyone else do what makes them happy.

Stay frosty


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