Thur 10:22

This goes without saying, but if you grew up in Nigeria

Then you know it's no longer news that:

A lot of people who don't even have a source of income see nothing wrong with borrowing huge sums of money to buy iPhones, wigs, shoes ... and in a lot of cases... 


Just the same way a good number of people (a much smaller group than the latter) borrow money to...

Pay for courses or postgraduate programs they believe will help them achieve their goals.

 What I'm trying to say is:

If it's important to you

You'll find the money

Or offer to pay in installments (and get the stuff once payment is completed...)

Or plan towards raising the money, no matter how long it takes

People always put their money where their heart is.

And it all comes down to what matters most to you.

Speaking of which:

If you really want to join my Copywriting class

The price is N40,000 only (recently raised it from N35,000)

If you can afford it,

You can review the offer here

And if you feel it's a good use of your money

You can then sign up.

If you can't afford it

No problems.

You can always join when you have the money.

Stay frosty


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