Maybe I’m just not good enough for you

Some apologies aren't really necessary

But maybe this one is

Now, I'm not sure why you got on my email list

Maybe someone swore to you that you'd learn more reading my emails than you will from most paid courses

Or maybe you joined out of curiosity

Or maybe you stumbled on one of my social media timelines,

Found the content valuable

And decided to check out my emails too

Or maybe you don't even know why you joined my list

No matter, whatever category you're in

I just want to say:

If you've read at least 7 emails from me

And you don't agree that my emails have been helpful

Or insightful or even valuable – in one way or another...

Or you don't agree I've met your expectations of what the emails of the divinely wonderful Andy Mukolo should look like...

Then I'm sorry

For real.

Maybe I'm just not good enough for you

And maybe you're better off unsubscribing today, right now...

I'm saying this because the only reason you should be on my list is that my emails are really helping you in one way or another

Otherwise, I din't deserve another minute of your time

Hope we're clear on that?

Now, having said that,

Here's something to chew on:

If you charge a Nigerian Client N300,000 to create a sales funnel

That's N300,000 and nothing more

But if you charge an Australian client $2,000 for same sales funnel

That's like N900,000 or N1Million at the current exchange rate 

Same work, almost triple the money

The difference is in the ecosystem where you shop for clients

I'm not saying don't work with Nigerian Clients

You should (If you wanna....)

But what I'm trying to say is:

Foreign Clients have almost 10x the spending power of Nigerians

How they see $2,000 is pretty much how Nigerian Clients see N100,000 or even N300,000

So why not shop where you'll earn more??

If you're not sure how this foreign client thing works

I have a small program that shows you how to sell your services in the international market...

From positioning, to pricing, to pitching, to scaling and more.

I created this program primarily for freelance writers but even if you're not a Copywriter... and you sell a service

You'd still be able to take what you learn, implement it in your field and get really good results

Details here 

Stay frosty


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