The height of foolishness.

I hate it when guys act like goats around women 

Too much attention,

Too much desperation,

Too much neediness..

Okay so maybe you read a book authored by some random joe who probably doesn't even know where the clitoris is located... (or what to do with it...)

In this book, the author says something to the effect of... 

Women want to feel must make her feel special, you should always hold the door for her, be a gentleman, buy her gifts, do this, do that...

Or you saw a tweet where a woman says:

This is how women want to be treated

Do X, do Y and leave out Z

And then you immediately start trying to do those things because you believe it's going to help you win some woman over


That's kid's stuff.

Actually, it's the height of foolishness

Guys who get the hottest girls in the room never bother reading any of that crap or even looking for content like that to start with...

And they're never bothered about "doing anything" to please any woman [(except their mothers, sisters, daughters or favorite niece(s)]

Infact, it's the other way round...

It's the women who are always competing for their attention

Allow me to explain:

Look around you...

Why's that girl consistently chasing that jerk all over the place and getting emotionally depressed because he's not taking her calls...?

Whereas, at the same time...

She's irritated by boda sodiq's constant show of love and affection with frequent calls and gifts and all what's not?

Even though he's cute and has money and is intelligent?

It's simple...

The abscence of neediness is the heart and soul of attraction.

Especially when you've got the goods..

Like you're a natural rebel,

You question things a lot 

You have little or no tolerance for bullshit...

And you're always the odd one out (OR as Nigerian women like to put it: "you're so weird")


You work out like crazy,

Your arms, your biceps, your thighs...

...your body looks something like that of a Greek God

You're not financially dependent on anyone (You have your own money or you're actively trying to make your own money...)



You're very good with a branch of art or science or sport:












Etc... (add yours)

And to make it all the more sexy...

You actually know what to do with a clitoris

When it comes to sex: know where to touch, when, and how...

Your skill, timing, pace and creativity are great

You have the ability to do to women things they never even knew could make their bodies melt in ecstacy /

And the foreplay is so good...

She cums even before penetration (95% of men have never and will never made a woman "cream" talk more of "cum"... They think sex is all about kissing, pressing breast and then penetration. A sorry tale...)

And as if that's not enough... have dozens of female friends in your life

Not just any females...

Females who are fucking cute, fucking smart and never hide the fact that they love you to bits because, well...

Even though you can be a real asshole...

You're just too fucking awesome,

So awesome, it's hard for women not to like you.

And just so we're clear..

I'm not saying you have to be all these things...

Or that you have to start being mean to women

All I'm saying is:

You don't need to be running upandan trying to do 1000 things just to make a woman like you...

If you ever catch yourself doing any of that crap –  (as most men are doing right now and still can't even get her to imagine having sex with them .... talk more of having sex with them) ...

Just know you need to start doing things differently

Because if a woman really likes you...

You don't need to try so hard

It just happens — (you can argue all you like but I'm speaking from personal experience and lifelong observation...)

And in fact...

It happens even faster if you know how to make a woman want you really bad... (without being needy or desperate)

So bad.... she's can't wait to have sex with you.

Now, I can almost hear what you're thinking...

So how do I make a woman want me?

Especially if she doesn't seem to have feelings for me?

The first thing is you can't make everyone want you

Okay fine, so how can I tell when I stand a chance with a woman?

This is something I'll be discussing in one of my emails later this week or next week... or next month or whenever the spirit leads.

If you can wait, wait,

If you can't, no problem

Anyway let me close this letter by asking you a simple question...

How's business been for you so far this year?

Are you actually making money? (as much as you want?)

Or you're just working and working — with nothing to show for it?

If yes, then here's the next question...

Do you need my team and I to work with you on your business?

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If yes....

Then you can apply to join our business accelerator program starting on the 1st day of June (just 11 days from today..)

The program is a full-stack implementation program that runs for 4-weeks (June 1 — June 30)

How it works:

3 days a week, my team and I will work with you on your business,

Me, Bena, Samuel, Pearl, and Joy...

We won't write or design anything for you.

And none of that will be necessary...

Because we'll show you what to do, how to do it, when, why — to get the kind of results you've been looking for.

The core of what we're doing is to show you proven ways you can use Google, Facebook and Instagram to attract money into your business,

Rather than pursue it.

We've helped 100s of business owners and if you allow us...

We can help you too — and you'll love the results.

We will do our part very-very-very well (120%) — and if you do your part...

At least... above the  70% mark... (by implementing consistently)

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If this sounds like something you're interested in,

Here's the rest of it:

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Our stuff is high quality

And we're actually very good at what we do (which is why we're always getting result-based testimonials)

We're confident we can help any business owner who's serious enough to take what we show them and implement the hell out of it....

So if you don't think we have what it takes...

Or you're not sure this program is for you

Keep your money.

Let those who are ready for a change join us

Also, we're keeping it at 10 persons (we already 3 persons for June)

This way, we can give you maximum quality attention.

Not just during our live calls — and practical sessions...

But in the private Nairaroad group too — where you can ask us questions after the live calls and practical sessions on ZOOM.

To register your interest for this program

Simply reply this email with your name and phone number

You'll get a call from me ...or Bena.

Stay frosty


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