The Stupid Reason Why 80% of aspiring Copywriters and Entrepreneurs Will Never Make Any Money.

This may seem a little harsh.

Maybe you'll be offended (most people will)

But I'm not in the business of pleasing people.


What you choose to do with the details of this post can mean the difference between earning a living and making…

“Go - to - hell” Money

Here’s what this is about:

I do believe the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs will never succeed.

Not because they lack skill or talent or intelligence or connections or money.. Or even a mentor.


Now, come closer

And pay attention here...

The vast majority of aspiring entrepreneurs will not be successful because of...

A simple reason they just hate to admit.

And here it is:

8 in 10 aspiring entrepreneurs are simply not willing to sit down and do the work.

A lot of people are so busy looking for the next biggest trick, the latest breakthrough strategy or gooroo secret…

And they don’t realize they’re subconsciously avoiding the most important thing of all...

Taking action.

I’ve said this before and....

I’ll say it again…

Acquiring knowledge is fine,

But that’s where the majority end. (Which is why only a few go on to succeed.)

Listen up...

Knowledge alone will not put a dime in your pocket.

You gotta act fam.

You gotta implement ruthlessly.

You gotta have the guts to take what you learn, apply it in real life, and see for yourself what results come out on the other end

Then make necessary tweaks as you go…

Or return to the drawing board if need be.

That’s how you succeed.

That’s how you grow, and by the Constitution of the Federal Republic...

That’s how you make progress.

Now, here's something:

There’s this guy, Dotin I think.

He was the number one affiliate on Expertnaire last year… grossing over 7million Naira in less than 9 months. (Expertnaire is Nigeria's top affiliate marketing platform...)

Before you scream badass, let me shock you:

When he started as an affiliate marketer back in February 2019,

He could not even use a computer

(As in, he didn’t even know what CAPSLOCK was. I'm not kidding.. I got to know him while I was creating a new marketing campaign for Expertnaire)

But he was willing to learn the basics and take ACTION.

He got really aggressive and serious with quickly implementing everything he learned…

He didn’t waste his time trying to acquire the latest tricks of the trade…

He just focused on learning the basics, and doing the best he could with that knowledge.

The result?

N7Million Naira in Less Than 9months.

Not bad.

For a guy who didn’t even know his left from his right when he started out.

And the cold hard truth is:

Many aspiring online entrepreneurs will never make that much in 10 years.

Not because they don’t have what it takes (remember this Dotin guy didn’t even knowing his way around a Computer keyboard)

But because, they ain’t willing to sit down and get shit done.

They have all sorts of reasons why they can’t start.

  • I’m not ready yet.
  • I’m not good enough
  • My lover doesn’t think I should be doing this
  • I’m not sure if I want to risk it..
  • I’ll just take one more course before I start

This, my friend, is known as:

The Art of making dumb excuses.

Do not set up yourself like this (if you’re already guilty of this, you’d do yourself a favour by prioritising action over everything else)


Whether it’s making serious money with Copywriting, Or selling information, or going into a lucrative joint business venture…

Just start and keep it moving.

For God's sake START!

Do what you can with beginner’s knowledge.

You don't need to be an expert to make millions every year.

And if you’ve been reading my stuff on Twitter, or any of my materials for that matter....

You already know I give out a lot of free info... enough for anyone to get started with and make money for themselves.

Yet, 8 in 10 don’t take action.

Make of that what you will.

Did you notice I didn’t say a word about the whole COVID-19 lockdown?

Or whatever it is that’s happening in the economy?

The reason is simple:

I’ve been so busy getting shit done, It doesn’t even seem to me like there’s a lockdown.

Getting shit done.

Not complaining.

Not making excuses.

But getting shit done.

Again, make of that what you will.

And by the time you’re done making sense of this, start getting shit done.

Better still, don’t try to make sense of it....

Just start getting shit done.

Stay frosty.

or don't.

It's your life.


Soft-spoken and polite to the core.

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  1. What if you’re a complete novice here, who doesn’t know how or where to start from but want to get shit done like you suggested and is very open minded.
    How and where can you get started please?

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