How to make more money than Those Wicked Lecturers Who Said You’d Never Make it in Life

I'll never forget standing there like a big fool

My project supervisor looked me in the eye and told me I was DULL 

Simply because I got one tiny (and quite frankly, irrelevant) equation wrong in Chapter 2 of my final year project;

Geometric analysis of population growth in Nigeria.

I wonder what he'll say now when he realizes I make 3x his salary from a single sales letter that ....

Didn't take me more than 3-hours to write.

Anyway, there's a very simple way to make ...

3x more money than those wicked lecturers who said you'll never make it in life.

And it all begins with knowing how to ethically convince almost anybody to take money from their pockets and put it in yours

It's persuasion...

It's salesmanship....

It's influential communication...

It's direct response Copywriting...

Whatever name you give it.

If you master this skill...

You should never again have to worry about money.

And if you implement what you learn in the real world,

You'll be making more money than your University lecturers.

The average Copywriter makes well over . . .

N2Million a Month.

I'm not sure how many lecturers make that much Every Month

And you don't get to work as hard...

Or do all that irrelevant stuff like get a Masters degree, a PhD OR any of those overpriced certifications that will never make you rich.

Anyway, here's a simple way to start:

Get the following books and . . .

Read them over and over....

  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert

  • The Robert Collier Letter book by Robert Collier,

  • Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. . .

  • Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz

  • Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

These books contain some of the greatest lines of money-making wisdom ever penned....

Read them one at a time.

If you speed-read, you'll probably finish all 5 in less than 1-month.

Take notes.

Do what the authors tell you.

Mix it up with some of the advise I've been sharing with you all these while

Wait WHAT!??!

What did you just say?

You say you've not been implementing some of the nuggets I've been sharing with YOU in the past weeks?

And what in the world were you thinking?

That you'd just read my stuff....

Waive a magic wand

And money'd start flowing into your bank account?

You poor misguided soul.

Listen, you can read all the books in the world but if you don't lift a finger,

Nothing happens.

The guy who reads one book a year and implements ruthlessly will make 10x more money than the avid reader who reads 52 books a year but....

Never gets shit done.

So while I advise you to read these books.... (The Boron Letters, The Robert Collier Letter book, Scientific advertising, Breakthrough advertising. . . and Ca$hvertising ...)

Understand that you'll only make money when you implement

That's kinda how it works in the real word.

Do I even need to spell this out to YOU?


Stay frosty.


P.S: When you're ready to get shit done and make a lot of money for yourself

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P.P.S: And listen ...

If you're one of those hopeless lunatics on my list who replied my email yesterday with a savage response... 

After I "begged" for gist on why Professor Wole Soyinka was trending on Twitter

You don't deserve to have sex ever again.

Your fate has just been sealed.

But if you replied with the exact gist of what was going on....

Then you my friend, are the indaboski of my heart

And nobody can change that.

Not even The Lion himself.

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