How Much Do You Charge For This Project?

Imagine waking up on a monday morning at 5:30am,

  • You take a glass of water,

  • Stretch,

  • Brush your teeth,

  • Pray (or if you're a godless heathen like me, say your affirmations)

  • Use the toilet (if you absolutely have to),

  • Do a little 20-minute work out...

  • Read 1 Chapter of a new book...

Now, you're fired up to get down to business for the day:

You head to LinkedIn, or Twitter or Instagram

To check if there's any important message in your Dms...

What do you see?

2 messages from 2 Business owners (who were impressed after seeing a tweet/post you put out using what you learned from a YouTube video),

Both are asking if you're available for a project,

Of course, you're available...

You respond immediately.

They're excited and they share details of their different projects with you

You know immediately you can handle both projects using what you've learned from me thus far. . .

Your reply is swift and straight to the point.

Now comes the interesting part

"Great, how much will you charge for this project?"

Oh, Shit!!

You're not sure what to say.

You don't want to come across as too expensive or too cheap

You start wishing you could skip this part... 

Or that you had a simple pricing technique for closing the deal and moving the money from the Client's pocket into yours

Trust me.

I've been there before

And if you ever find yourrself in a position where you're not sure how much to charge. . .

There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • You lose the Client as a result of quoting a price inconsistent with the perceived value the Client already has of you... (It's sad that many freelance writers don't even understand this)

  • Client sees through your naiveness and you end up being underpaid

  • Client tells you to start the project and you never get paid!  

It doesn't have to be this way...

It's one thing to know how to attract Clients,

It's another thing to know how to attract and monetize Clients

Sadly, a lot of freelance writers are struggling because:

They don't even know how to attract Clients talk more Monetize them.

In The Client acquisition section of the Foreign Copywriting Initiative,

I explained a simple process you can easily use to attract and monetize Clients who pay you very well ( at least $1,000 per project)

This process will only work for you if you're consistent with it

So if the big earning capacity of being a well-paid freelance Copywriter appeals to you

.......and you're ready to put in the work...

I'll allow you go through the Foreign Copywriting Initiative without risking a penny of your hard-earned money...

Details Here

Stay frosty.


PS:  Once you attract and monetize a client you wouldn’t have otherwise found,

And earn a higher fee than you dared charge before…

That's when the blind fold comes off

That's when you realize you're actually worth 10x what you currently charge

I only started earning high fees when I figured this out

Took me a while,

But you don't have to wait that long...

Start here

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