September 10

Of everything I've learned a s a Copywriter and Marketer,

 This comes very close to being the most important.

 I'll let the CAT out of the bag in a second,

 But first, a little back-story

 Yesterday I spoke with one of my students who recently lost his father

 His father was buried on September 4th.


He's the first son and the kind of responsibilities he had to shoulder were enormous.


Anything goes wrong, it's your fault.

 But he handled it pretty well.

 As a way of cheering him up,


I told him today makes it 1-year my dad passed and that it's funny how I managed to survive the emotional shock of losing my most favourite person in the world.


We talked some more and it was a pretty heart-warming chat.

 He said he's better now.

 You know, sometimes, when tragedy strikes

 You can't even imagine if things will ever get better or if you'll even scale through

 But I've been through some dirty shit in life (not just the loss of my dad)

 And I'm telling you...

 If you look on the bright side,

 And just try to keep moving in some sort of forward direction...

 Things will get better ---not immediately - But gradually and definitively


Back to Marketing.

 The best thing you can do for yourself as a business owner or marketer or Copywriter or freelancer is to ...

 Learn how to differentiate what you're doing from what everyone else is doing.


99% of marketing messages are ignored because they're all saying the same thing


The brain categorizes information into 2:

  • Old and more of the same
  • New. Interesting and Different.

If your ad, sales letter, VSL, Email or Webinar remotely resembles what your prospect has seen before


They experience a MENTAL OPT-OUT

 Their brain points it out as NOT worthy of their time and as such

 They ignore it.

 That's why it's extremely important that you learn how to market your products or services as new, unique and different.


Start with learning how to create killer big ideas.

 Once you learn how to do this really well.

 You will never have to worry about the competition again.


Stay frosty.



P.S: If you'd like to learn how to stand out and grab attention in your market (no matter how saturated it is....)


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