How to Sell Weight Loss Products!

There are 2 proven ways I know to sell weight loss products..


First of all,


Understand that the majority (⅔) of your target prospects don't really want to lose weight


They want to feel like they've lost weight


That feeling, 


Especially for women,


Is the closest thing to a real honest to God orgasm


There are not a lot of things capable of making a woman as happy when she feels like she's just lost a pound


Keywords: Feel(s) like


Moving on:


Here's method number 1:


Be brutally honest with your prospects


Many people who say they want to lose weight are never going to lose weight




They are not ready to do what it takes to lose weight


Work out like crazy


Eat healthy


Avoid or limit consumption of alcohol


And so on.


They want a quick fix


And the easiest way to sell them a weight loss product is by telling them


It's not your fault


It's something somewhere in your hormones sabotaging your efforts to lose weight


That's why you've been having a hard time getting your desired body shape


But once you fix the hormonal imbalance in your abdominal bla bla bla ..


Your body begins to respond to almost any quality weight loss product you use


So how do you fix the hormonal imbalance standing between you and your desired shape?




Benahili's Secret 


A small red capsule that first:


Works in harmony with your whiteblood cells to correct the hormonal imbalance in your abdominal bla bla bla




Gradually starts a calorie burning process that converts unwanted body fat into energetic fuel so you're sharp and active


Best part?


You don't have to give up your favourite foods


And you don't have to diet on anything


You can take a short 10 minute walk 2wice a sayy to speed up the process


With just 2 capsules a day


You can look in the mirror and see amazing results in just 8 days from when you start using Benahili's Secret


Bla bla bla!!


No attempt to make the prospect take responsibility for her weight loss problems


A very effective way to sell to human beings


Very few people want to ever admit that it's their fault…


That's what they tell you at Gyms


And that's why many women don't like gyms


They may go there to snap pictures and bend their bum bum to make men horny


To awaken the hot throb of lust in their loins


But all that talk about taking responsibility and working out like crazy is just you flogging a dead horse


Is God speaking to somebody this morning?




Method number 2 for selling weight loss products:


Tell your reader the cold hard truth


The reason you've not yet lost weight to your heart's desire is because:


You're not being honest with yourself


Today you're here tomorrow you're gone


You're inconsistent


And you continue to buy the latest weight loss products while ignoring the number 1 thing in all of this:




Bla bla bla..


Put some pain in your reader's brain


Make her see how she's standing in her own way


Then introduce whatever it is you're selling


From the angle of:


This will only work if you stick to a diet and work out consistently


Something you could not have said in the first method…


Both methods are effective


Depending on who you're selling to


But good luck telling women it's their fault they've not list weight


Got it?


This is just a glimpse of what I teach in the Influential communication system


A short material that shows you how to make millions selling your products or services in Nigeria or anywhere else


Using a predictable process that helps you:


CONVERT cold traffic / strangers to new Clients and customer sales very fast.


This way:


You no longer have to worry about where your next big sale or client comes from




You're more focused on expanding and scaling


And you have more peace of mind and happiness to do other things that are dear to your heart... 


As it should be.


If any of this sounds like something you'd love


And you need me to take you by hand and lead you straight to the money




Have a blessed day.



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