This Apple Phone is of The Devil

The same way many Copywriters and marketers foolishly swear they can sell anything to anybody.... (even if the person doesn't want it...)

 Is the same way many hackers swear they can hack anything

 But there's this customized Apple phone (24-karat Gold) built with:

 A devilish hack prevention technology that keeps your information safe from unwanted prying eyes


I believe it was delibrately designed to embarrass cocky hackers who think they can hack anything... (Same way the market embarrasses Copywriters who swear they can sell anything to anybody..)

 But it is quite expensive:

 $48.5 million, 

 $48.5 blisterrrrrring million!!!

 That's how much you have to shell out if you want to become a proud owner of The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition.

 It is the most expensive phone in the world,

 And reports say it is owned by just 1 person on earth:

 NITA AMBANI, wife of Mukesh Ambani,



63-year-old Mukesh is Asia’s richest man and owner of Indian cricket team Mumbai Indians.

 How he made his billions is a story for another day,

The $48.5Million Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond has no more instrinsical value than say,

The regular iPhone 6 that sells for between $199 and $399 or more

SO what's the difference?

Status and perceived value.

 If you're going to sell a product or a service

 Make damn sure you're selling it to people who "get it" and can easily afford it.

 Especially when you're selling a service like Copywriting.

 Don't lower your fees just because you're afraid coming across as expensive will chase Clients away.

 iPhones are expensive and millions still buy them every year.

 The more expensive something is,

 The more value "the right clients/customers" place on it

 That's why I always encourage Copywriters to...


 Understand who their ideal clients are (Do you want Clients who pay without any back and forth because you've shown you have the answer to their problems? or Clients who will tell you your fees are high and they know other people who charge less?)


 Charge what you're worth...


 Back it up with outstanding results for your Clients.

 But you can't just slap any fee on your Copywriting services,

 You gotta know what you're doing

 You need to know how to write potent copy that makes people take action

 More importantly:

 You need to understand how to wrap your fees around the kind of perceived value that appeals to your Ideal Clients...

 That is,

 Savvy Business owners who are happy to spend money with you once you've shown them you can help them get better results..

 If you're interested in becoming a well-paid Copywriter...

 And you only want to work with trouble-free Clients who happily pay what you charge without complaining that you're too expensive..


 Stay frosty


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