How to Sell your Kidney, Make Plenty Money and Buy it Back

If you're in the mood to save someone's life,

And you'd like to stuff your pockets with some money in the process...
Here's what you should know for a start:



 A Good Kidney goes for $10,000 or more

Which means:

You can easily make $10,000 or more with one of your kidneys (Assuming you've not been drinking like a fish and you have 2 healthy kidneys)

That's over N4Million at the current exchange rate of N460+

With that amount of money,

You can now think of ways to multiply your wealth by:

Investing in stocks, gold, agriculture or

Even a new business that will thrive beyond your expectations...

Then, maybe after 12-months,

When you must have multiplied that kidney money 10X , 20X , Even 50X... (assuming you're not a scumbag who spends money foolishly...)

 You can now buy a new kidney so you have 2 kidneys again and you'll still have millions left to play with


An alternative would be to just buy your Original Kidney back at a fair price

I've been told there's a way around buying your kidney back after donating it and I can't go into all the details now

Either way, you can give away your kidney (out of the goodness of your heart)

 Make a lot of money for yourself, and still get your kidney back


But here's the scary part. . .


Complications may arise during or after the surgery where the Surgeon has to remove one of your kidneys...

 You can suffer permanent loss of a number of body functions

 You can suffer unimaginable pain

 You can lose a lot of blood

 You probably won't be able to enjoy sex properly again
(I'll have to confirm this from Oge, who's a brilliant Doctor and also my student)

 You can suffer nerve damage

 You can develop a deadly sickness or disease

 You can DIE a very painful death!

 Wait, what's that?

 You say you're aware of the risks and you still want to sell your kidney and pocket the $10,000 so you never have to worry about money for at least the next 6 months?


 You have my blessings.

 But here's the thing,

 If you're going to donate your kidney,

 I don't think it should be for money

Do it because you really want to save somebody's life.

Especially when it's someone you know personally.

At least, that's how I see it

And the truth is:

If you're want to make good money for yourself or just be in a position where

You don't have to worry about how you'll pay your rent

Or pay your bills

 Or simply provide a better lifestyle for your family without worrying about money day and night

 You don't need to go as far as selling your kidney

 You have options 

 Good options that you're probably not aware of

 For example:

 Did you know you can make a small fortune for yourself before, during and after the U.S Elections on Tuesday November 3rd??

 If you have a few minutes to spare 3 to 4 days a week

 You can pocket as much as $12,000 before the year runs out

 It could be more, or less,

 Depending on how committed you are

 For information, go here:  

How to make a small fortune for yourself before, during and after the U.S Presidential Elections on November 3rd

 Stay frosty


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