Delete Uber!

Take a look at this IMAGE:




This is some bloody good advertising and I'll explain why shortly:

This campaign may seem like it wasn't selling anything

But it was

It launched August 28,

The 57th anniversary of Martin Luther’s famous speech

“I Have a Dream”

Uber partnered with Wieden+Kennedy on a racial injustice campaign with a BIG IDEA that pulls no punches: 

“If you tolerate racism, Delete Uber

Uber sent that message across social media, in emails, app notifications,

Plus, it features on billboards appearing in 13 major U.S. cities

The outdoor signs also state

“Black people have the right to move without fear.”

“Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” 

Now, the impact of this kind of emotional campaign is GOODWILL!

That's why most companies did something similar!

Nike, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc

But it's not just about putting out a campaign like that

You need to get your wording right so it feels genuine


One of the easiest ways to win the goodwill of your target audience is to lend a supporting voice to their struggle

Be on their side.

Let them know you understand what they're going thru

You don't have to ask them to buy anything.

But trust me, if you get the wording of your message right,

Sales and patronage will increase almost immediately

So what was UBER selling in this campaign?

One word: UBER!

Stay frosty.


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