The 24-hour sales Letter

In this business of ours,

A major roadblock in the way of your financial success is....

Spending wayyyyy too much time on one sales letter.

Why spend days and weeks on a sales letter when there's a simpler way to get it done in less than 24-hours?

The root cause of the problem is:

You probably haven't yet internalized the structure of a well-constructed sales letter.

Once you have that neurological imprinting tattoed in your memory,

You'll be a different kind of animal.

Here's a little hack:

A good sales letter (no matter what you're selling) starts with a strong promise of transformation:

That is, a headline that promises your reader the very thing she deeply desires


Start your sales letter by saying something that ties in with the promise of transformation in your headline....


Tell your reader why this opportunity is amazing and at the same time,

Different from what she's probably already heard on the same subject


Tell her how you came about this thing that made you wake her up from her sleep


Show her proof that it's working for others and very importantly,

That it can work for her if she follows a few simple steps.


Transition into your sales pitch


Make your offer,


Show her what her life could look like a few weeks/months/years from today,


Tell her why she has to act now,


This is how a good sales letter should flow.

Copywriting is simple.

Don't complicate it by overthinking the process.

It all comes down to ruthless research.

It is the most important factor in selling.

99% of Copywriters and marketers ignore the process of researching and understanding their target market,

They try to write from their head

This is stupid.

If you have 24-hours to write killer copy,

Spend at least 6-hours researching the hell out of your market,

Then a few more hours spying on the competition

Studying the benefits of your product,

Studying great sales copy selling something similar,

And then deciding what sales appeal works best for the product you want to sell.

Once you have all the information you need,

Your sales letter will almost write itself.

And just in case you're wondering if cranking out killer sales letters with speed is of any advantage to you...

Keep in mind:

Dan Kennedy, the world's highest paid Copywriter writes his sales letters faster than anyone else in the direct response kingdom.

EVALDO Alberquerque, AGORA's highest earning Copywriter right now,

Writes a full marketing promo in less that 2weeks,

It takes 2-months for most A-list Copywriters to finish one promo.

Legendary ad man Joe Karbo wrote the Lazy man's way to riches in under 2-hours.

He sold over 3million copies at $10.00 per copy

Do the math.

I think what God is trying to tell you this morning is:

The faster you can write killer copy and start sending traffic to it,

The faster your fortunes will come in this thing of ours.

One of the things I teach in the Foreign Copywriting Initiative is:

How to write powerful money-making copy for yourself or your Clients in mere hours (Not weeks, not days....)

Using the same Copy-boarding process I use to make multiple millions for myself and my partners every month...

And once you develop a reputaion for cranking out killer copy with the speed of light,

Clients will literally worship at your feet.

Another thing you learn in the Foreign Copywriting Initiative is:

How to easily attract Clients who pay you at least $1,000 per project

If you implement what I show you over a period of 90-days,

And you don't agree that it was worth your time.

I'll pay you N25,000.

If an extra $3,000 or more every month sounds like something you'd love,

Go here.

Stay frosty.


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