How to close the deal so you don’t lose the client.

Let's look at it from this angle:

If a client was truly certain that hiring you would bring them that hefty ROI they deeply desire,

Trust me, they'd happily pay to hire you again and again and again

So when it comes to getting clients, rule #1 is:

The math needs to add up in the head of your prospective client

Example of what I mean:

If you're charging a client $5,000 for a project, and the client has a revenue goal of say... $100,000 , with a profit margin of $50,000

Your job is to show them how $5,000 in exchange for work that brings in $50,000 in pure profits is an absolute no-brainer

I didn't say tell them it's a no-brainer

I said show them how it's an absolute no-brainer

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Stay frosty


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