Marriage Proposal

I know there are days when you read my email and you think my OWN is TOO Much, but I promise and swear to YOU...

Today's NOT one of those days...

You see,

I've been thinking about my life lately and I want to confide in you

Let me explain:

Marriage is NOT a subject upon which I dwell

BUT the thing is:

I want to have a daughter, AND truth of the matter is:

I don't want just any woman to be the mother of my darling child.

I want my daughter given birth to by NOT JUST a woman I really like, but a woman I like that has...

Above-average emotional intelligence,

A kick-ass approach to life

And a wicked sense of humor.

Now, for this to happen:

I know I'm going to have to make some sort of intriguing proposal that resembles a real marriage proposal.

AND, it seems to me that the best way to do this would be to:

Just invite this woman over (maybe for a romantic get-away or something)

And tell her about my plans over a face-to-face conversation.

BUT being the kind of Copywriter I am...

I'm thinking it's a better Idea to:

Write a bloody good sales letter (Printed with top quality paper) selling her on all the crazy perks of birthing a child for Andy Mukolo.

I'll try to make it as persuasive as fuck, and ...

Even though it won't be a marriage proposal,

I'm convinced I can write something intriguingly persuasive that has 10x more emotional punch than a real honest-to-God marriage proposal.

Anyway, what do you think about all of this?

Do you think my own is becoming too much?

Do you think I've lost my mind?

Do you think I shouldn't even be telling you about this in the first place? (Oh yea? After all this while? I thought we were buddies?)

Do you think, when I've decided who this woman will be, that I should...

Talk to her about it face to face OR just go along with the letter-idea?

Or a blend of both?

Or just something in-between?

Do you think I should go to hell and never write to you about such nonsense again?

Remember, I'm confiding in you...

And very importantly, don't forget:

If I didn't think you were one of the few people on earth I could write to about anything and get an honest-to-God response...

I wouldn't be writing you about this.

Tell me what you think okay?

Stay frosty


P.S: Please understand: You are NOT under any obligation to reply this email with your thoughts and as such...

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