How to become a Rich Teacher in Nigeria

5 years ago when I was teaching mathematics at GGDSS (Government Girls Day Secondary School) Yardussa, Gummi.... in Zamfara state...

My monthly stipend as a Youth Kofa was around N19,800

I was a senior secondary school teacher ....

Teaching arguably the most important subject in the world

And I was still earning less than a roadside Mechanic

Here's the sad truth:

Mechanics solve problems that people are dying to solve right NOW,

Not so with Maths teachers, and there's a lesson there (and maybe I'll tell you about it later...)


Fast forward 60 months later... (that's 5 years in case you're horrible at math like those Yarinyas I taught maths during my years as a teacher in Zamfara),

I wake to messages like these every day...

"NGN 73,275.00 has just been sent to you!" (Paystack)

"You've just received a payment" (Expertnaire on Fridays)

By the way, that N19,800 I was earning as monthly salary is less than what Paystack remits to  me every time someone pays me to teach them how to write Copy...

And all of this is minus the unrighteous sums I bill my premium clients who want to teach other people how to solve serious problems like...

Losing weight

Eating healthy

Trading and investing wisely

Relocating abroad

Having better sex

Buying real estate with great returns


Enough about me.

Listen, there's a *select* group of teachers who get paid quite handsomely because they help their "students" tackle painful problems

The kind that keeps them up at 2:37am in the morning while their wives are fast asleep and Politicians are figuring out new ways to loot Nigeria dry

These educators are Copywriters.

And YOU can be one too, if YOU put in the effort to learn this skill.

It changed my life (I'll never stop saying this)

And I believe it can help you achieve YOUR desired level of personal income faster than anything else you could try right now.

The skill of Copywriting is responsible for more millionaires than any other skill YOU can possibly think of.

Learn this skill (Start with The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert, it's FREE online)

If you master Copywriting... You won't get on Forbes list,

But it will make YOU a rich teacher.

Rich enough to live life on your terms

And do the things YOU really want to do with your time.

Stay frosty.


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