October 29

Here's a little marketing tip for you

Before you publish your sales message (Especially to Cold Traffic),

Do everything you can (everything) to make sure:

Your reader can go through your copy and whisper to herself...

"This guy seems legit.

I can give him the benefit of the doubt because this is a lot different from what I'm  used to hearing....

There's an element of raw honesty here:

I like how he's educating me,

And breaking down the solution to my problem,

Even when I've not paid yet....

This is definitely worth my money"

And so on.


Largely overlooked. Very Important.

This concept is drawn from the rule of "differentiation"

It's called "setting yourself apart"

And there's a number of ways to do it, like....

  • Being very blunt

    (Not the same as talking tough for the sake of talking tough)
  • Telling your reader nothing will happen overnight,
  • Telling your reader the decision is theirs to make....

    (Ie: Making them feel the power of choice rests in their palms

    I won't force you, it's your money, do what you think is best 
  • Giving away quality information throughout your copy
  • Using simple everyday English...


And more.


The biggest obstacle in marketing is skepticism and resistance.

And from my experience:

The most effective way to cut through skepticism and break down resistance is by standing out from the get go.

And of course:

It all begins with knowing how to think differently as a Copywriter and Marketer

Not how to write or sell differently

But how to think differently.

The success of your marketing campaign is a function of:

The quality of your thought-process.


Stay frosty.


P.S: If you don't learn anything from my writing

Try to keep this one thing in mind:

Space your writing.

Keep it neat.

It plays a vital role in your conversion rate.

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