The Big Social Currency.

Simple analogy:

Look at it like this...

Which is more powerful?

You... trying to convince a prospect (client or customer) that you're the real deal:


A personal recommendation from someone your prospect trusts?

Eg: "Adamu is brilliant at what he does... I've worked with him multiple times and the results always blew my mind... If you ask me.. I'll say he's the best in the game"

The answer is simple right?

If you're my close pal...

And you're looking to hire a social media manager

And I recommend or refer you to someone like Ogochukwu Okoye (Who is very brilliant at what she does..)

She no longer needs to sell herself to you

You go to her already sold,

And ready to pay too.

That's the power of Personal recommendations

Which... as you probably already know...

Is the biggest social currency

So while it's great to put a lot of quality time into honing your craft ... so you become the best (or one of the best) at what you do...

I encourage you to make yourself "recommendable"

A few tips:

Whenever you get a new client

Always bring your A game and nothing less

Give them something they've never seen before

And even after the project has been completed and goes live

Check on your Clients periodically to find out how their business is doing

Make them glad to have someone like you in their corner


If you're in a coaching program

Or you signed up for a course'

Try to show your teacher that you're serious and dedicated

Complete your assignments / tasks on time

Always ask questions where you're not clear

Never assume that because they're jovial, free, kind and gentle

You can start disrespecting them

Biggest mistake you could make

Always show respect and courtesy

Especially when your teacher is someone who always treats you with respect

This is how you make yourself "recommendable"

Stay frosty



P.S: One other thing about personal recommendations is:

"Social networks and getting into the right circles"

Just being in the right circle where you're known as "very good at what you do" a great way to get personal recommendations that will fetch you your dream Clients.

But the question is:

"How do I get in the right circles?"

It's simple

And it's one of the things I teach in my new Copywriting training

Which... if you're not already part of...

You can still access here

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