Death Wish

Not that you should care...

But when you escape death by a millisecond

You start to think about the after-math of your exit

One of the things for me is...

I don't want the folks dearest to me... "confused or unsure" ...

About what my death wish/es was.../were

So I'm working on a long form letter with the title...

"Death Wish: Andy Mukolo, {Date}"

Once I'm satisfied I've covered all the important stuff,

It will be printed, hand-signed (by me), sealed...

And mailed to 3 persons closest to me.

Inside the letter, will be a 4-word link to a recorded video

Which will be uploaded to a private, passworded web-page

The instruction on the package would be:

To be opened upon confirmation that Andy Mukolo is dead.

I realize that's hard.

That kind of suspense will be unbearable

You live everyday of your life not even knowing what's inside this package

And constantly fearing that this person who means so much to you could go anytime

Plus... what if they have questions?

What if it turns out...

They need further clarification on a few grey areas?

I figure that's a good reason to allow them go through it

And ask me questions where necessary

I have no issues letting them go thru it because these folks won't spill

The reason I won't involve a lawyer is because I don't want to.

I trust these folks better than I could trust any lawyer.

Here's just a glimpse of a few things I'll be addressing:

  • What kind of burial do you want?
  • What happens to your intellectual property?
  • What happens to your Joint Ventures?
  • What happens to your royalties?
  • What happens to your investments and assets
  • How do you want your money distributed?
  • What happens to your share of what your Dad left for you and your siblings?
  • And much more...

The idea is to leave no room for "uncertainty" as per what I really wanted

Now, I want you understand:

I don't mean to scare you...

But I've always lived my life as though death could come anytime

And after that death scare on Saturday morning...

I thought... Oh well....

If this is the premise upon which I live

Then it makes sense to have something written down as per...

What my death wishes are.

It's not something you have to do

And this doesn't mean I'm dying today or anything (I wouldn't know anyway)

I hope I live as long as I need to... to impact many more lives

But you can't really predict death

And the major reason I thought to share this with you is because ...

It might get you thinking about your own life

What you really want for yourself while you're here

And what you want when you've left the building (Code word for Dead)

Stay frosty

I fucking love you.



P.S: Here's something from Jack Butcher...

"Practice until it looks like magic to those who haven't practiced"

Solid advice

Something I always teach my students

But while at it...

Don't forget:

While practice will make you wickedly good...

Obsession is what takes you to God-Status.

So let obsession be the primary driving force behind how you go about the stuff that puts meat on your table.


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