72-hours Later…

The story begins on Sunday at 5:49pm

I did something... well... let's call it foolish.

And 72-hours later...

I have had to re-learn (the hard, painful way), 

Something I've always known.

Which is:

No matter who you are or what your blood genotype is

Every action... every choice... every decision you make...

Comes rushing back in your direction with rewards or consequences

As such:

Don't... in the name of having fun temporarily...

Endanger your health or life or reputation.

You may think you're getting away with pushing your luck

We always fall into that trap

And it always ends in regret.

This is not the classic Andy Mukolo email

And maybe one day...

I'll expand on why I chose to send you a message like this

But for now...

Avoid anything that endangers your health or life

I don't care how much fun it promises

Careful what you put in your body

Careful where you go

Careful who you hang out with

Think about your loved ones

Think about your goals... dreams... clients... mentees... students

All those people you help

Or intend to help

Be conscious of the choices you make

There are many ways to have fun and live a fulfilled life,

Without risking your health, life and reputation.

Always think about the after-math.

Would you want to do things differently knowing what the consequences and aftermath would be?

Only you can answer that question.

Stay frosty


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