Please don’t force it

Here's something for breakfast:

I'm going to be very plain and honest with you...

Today, Thursday 4th... February.. , is one of those rare days when I sit down at my desk to write and I can't even write anything worth reading...

And truth is.... whenever I feel this way...

I don't force it

And on that basis.... I say unto ye:

Whenever your creative juices ain't flowing and you don't feel like "writing"

"Please don't force it"

If you're a hard-headed shitweasel like me...'re going to be tempted to force your way into writing something "valuable"

But... from my experience... it doesn't always turn out well

However, there's still something you can do

If you don't feel your creative juices flowing

What you can do at first is...

Try to write something 


See where it leads...

Then, if somewhere along the line

You get all fired up and "you get in the zone"

Then great!

You would have won the battle against your village people.

On the other hand,

If you try to write and you still feel like crap

Then once again, I must admonish you:

"Please don't force it"

But wait.....

What if you actually have a project to complete before a deadline?

And you don't have that luxury of "choosing not to force it"?

Well, then, here's something you can do...

Play some music (your favorite music)

Have a Cold bath!

Drink water

Take a walk

Speak to a loved one briefly

Eat a favorite meal

Or anything that removes your thought from writing for a bit

You should feel better after doing any or all of these activities

And then, at this point.... when you start feeling better... (like feeling the sudden urge to write)

What you should do is:

Start going thru the information you've gathered on the project you want to write about...

Remind yourself about the standards you've set for yourself

And how you really want this project to be wildly successful

So your client or your partner(s) can see.. very clearly...

Why you're worth every kobo they put in your pocket

Then, take a deep breath

And start writing

Get out that first draft as quickly as possible

And don't stop for anything

There, I just prescribed a pill for you

And whether or not you choose to take it entirely your affair.

And yea...

I realize this isn't as precisely written as my other emails 

But I hope this helps 

Stay frosty



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