Good morning

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible

So you've probably heard a lot about how:

Netflix is a waste of time bla bla bla...

But here's what they didn't tell you when you were preparing for JAMB

If you're a marketer or Copywriter

And you have a product or service you're selling...

I'll have you know that:

Watching NETFLIX can actually give you some useful, practical insight into consumer psychology (that will help you get more sales / clients)

My friend Oliver Cantin said it best:

Netflix can be productive if you...

*Study emotions and communications

*Use pop culture references in your marketing

*Deconstruct how they keep users addicted

*And apply to your biz [accordingly]

If this was a school test...

I'd score Oliver 10/10

Now, I'm not sure if you remember

But I said a while ago on Twitter that NETFLIX was an amazing research tool...

If .... and only if... you know how to use it.

Apart from the fact you get a lot of big ideas (by simply paying attention)

And see behavioural patterns from a practical perspective

You also get to see how to hold attention thru:

Suspense, Curiosity, Open loops, Hooks etc

And if you sell via emails

You also get a ton of intriguing ideas for your subject lines and emails


If you use NETFLIX, try to pay more attention 

Open your third eye and your sixth sense

You'd be shocked what you find

Especially when you're working on a marketing campaign

Or product launch

Stay roasted or frosty

Depending on what side of the bed you woke up this morning



P.S: Oh.. and speaking of fascinating emails and subject lines

I actually teach Email marketing

Like how to sell with value-tainment emails that look like teaching

But are actually selling and bringing in sales

Even on the days when you don't put a pitch in your email(s)

And when you join my new training on email marketing

You'll get to see (eye-ball to eye-ball)...

How I come up with ideas for my emails

Why I never lack ideas for my emails

And the thought-process behind:

The highest converting emails I've written in the last 12-months...


You also gain access to my last 300-emails broken down into 7 categories:





And more....

This way, you'll know what angle works best depending on what you hope to achieve with your emails...

And once you learn what I have to show you

You should never again struggle to write an email 

Closing prayer:

If you want this training..... you can have it...

But it ain't free sugar...

You have to shell out N20,000.

If you're interested.... (and you have 20k to dash me)

Go here

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