Congratulations, now stop being a jerk

Every now and then:

I see someone on Twitter lamenting about how:

"I have a first class / 2nd class upper degree and I can't find a job

Well, congratulations you graduated with good grades,

But stop being a jerk...

The reality... that even a 9-year-old knows... is this:

Your degree is not as useful as you think it is

You have a piece of paper that 20million other people have

And even if you got so lucky you landed a job

Your earning capacity is still limited

How much will they even pay you?

N100k a month?

N200k a month?

N300k a month...?

The system is fucked

You are no longer in the era where having a degree and being a graduate makes people say "WOW!"

Sure, get a job or keep your job if you want to...

But if you're being realistic 

You'll know that a monthly salary is not enough

Tragedy may strike... an emergency or something might come up

And what if your salary hasn't come at the time?

What if there's no one to lend you money?

What if your salary has been paid but it's not even enough and you're stranded with nowhere to go ?

Are you beginning to see why you need to figure out a way to earn without limits?

Like I said... nothing wrong with having a job

It's just.... you need to get your money right and be in a position where you alone decide how much you're making every month

You can either start a business... or learn a skill... or create a joint venture

Please don't ask me what skills you can learn

Or what business you can start

You have a smartphone, Google and the internet

Google stuff.

Follow thought-leaders in sales and marketing on Social media

You'll be shocked what you find if you're really serious about finding the right answers from the right sources

And this:

Focus on one thing

Resist the temptation to jump from one thing to another

A lot of folks say they want t succeed badly but can't even focus on one thing for more than 3-days

If you're really serious about succeeding at something

You'll be ready to focus for as long as you need to get your desired results'

Doesn't matter if it's 30-days or 12-months

And even when you start getting your desired results

You need to keep your focus tight and continue bringing your A-game

And keep raising the bar for yourself too.

This is how I train my Copywriting students

And it's no wonder many of them are killing it in their various niches today

And you know....

You probably read my emails sometimes and you wonder why I'm not bombarding you with blatant sales pitches everyday....

I mean... I'm routinely referred to as a Copywriting God and I should be demonstrating that via daily email pitches yea?


I could do all of that if I wanted to

But I want you to actually learn a lot from my emails before you see a pitch

And if... somewhere along the line...

After reading one of my emails, you feel like you want to try my paid stuff

You're welcome to try

But for now...

All that matters is that you look at everything I say...

Pick the good stuff

And apply it accordingly

Because that's the point of these emails

To give you a little nudge in the right direction

And frankly speaking... 

I didn't even want you to attribute anything in your success story to me'

If you have a gut feeling to write me saying I played a role in your success story

No problem.

Otherwise, it's not necessary

The only thing that really matters to me is that you get your money right in your youthful years so you don't have to go thru life worrying about money

Whatever that means

Stay frosty



P.S: While it's true that Copywriting changed my life

The best feeling for me is seeing my students making good money for themselves

Either working with clients or just running their own biz

I can't promise you similar results

But if you get my paid stuff...

And you work hard & smart consistently, you will make money

Enough to take good care of your loved ones..

Live a comfortable life

And still have some cash lying around to play with.

I'm currently taking in students for my Copywriting Class this February

If you're interested, go here

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