I don’t want to read your stupid email

... and there's nothing you can do about it!

Listen up, if you're going to send me an email

And make me read it .... long enough to see a good reason to respond

Then you MUST write your email based on what I want to read

Not what you want to write,

And what I want to read is something that interests me

Maybe a story... or hot gist... or info on how to do something better

And as far as marketing goes...

You have to understand:

The only way you're getting me to buy your stuff is:

When you have my undivided attention...

And the only way .. in hell... or heaven.... you're getting my undivided attention is:

When you tell me something that interests me...

Or something so interesting, I dare not look away (so I don't miss the gist)


If.... at a glance... your subject line and email doesn't hook and reel me in

Then I'm not going to read your stupid email

All of which brings me to my final point:

When you sit down to write an email...

Focus 100% on your reader, and what will interest them.

But Andy, how do I figure this out?

Especially when I don't even know my reader/s personally in real life?

And how do I make my email interesting enough for them to read and respond?

Well... to be honest... all your concerns are valid

But this email marketing thing isn't that complicated

If you need a bit of guidance on how to write responsive emails

Feel free to join my new training on email marketing here

NOTE: If you're clicking to go read the sales letter so you can study it and learn something.... don't bother... 

That sales letter is as lousy as the people who say I'll go to hell fire (no matter how kindhearted I am) because I don't believe in their God, 

But funny enough...

People read it and pay for the training anyways... 

Honestly, I don't know why


Stay frosty.


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