You’re asking the wrong Question

It's a question I get asked all the time.

"Andy How do you write Copy so effortlessly? .... And how do you know it's good enough to generate lots of sales??" 

Okay, you may not believe it...

And you don't have to:

But I actually spend more time thinking about what to write (and how I'm going to write it...) to get the most results...

..than I do on the actual writing:

"Fine, I get that part, so what's your writing process once you're ready to write?"

You're asking the wrong question sugar

The question you should be asking is:

How do I develop my own unique writing process for writing high-converting copy for any market?

Every great Copywriter has their own unique writing process

And it's important you find yours as early as possible

Because having your own unique writing process means... 

You have a unique approach to writing copy for any market

And all you have to do....

Once you're done with market research:

And you have all the info you need on your prospect, fill in the blanks / in a way that's unique to only you.

This way, you hardly ever struggle with writer's block

You can easily out-think the competition...

And come up with killer copy angles that cut thru the noise in saturated markets ... yielding far better results than those who resort to copying things blindly

Best part?

You write much faster... better... 

With a clear, definite picture of how your words will influence your reader's decision making process

And more often than NOT...

You always finish strong.... with a solid marketing message that's right on the money /as far as your prospect is concerned.

OH -- AND YEAH -- 

The earlier you figure out your own writing process

The quicker you'll make your fortunes

And in case you're wondering...

"Okay. Okay, I get it now, but how do I develop my own unique writing process for selling stuff profitably in any market?"

It's one of the things I teach in:

Section 3b of the Foreign Copywriting Initiative /2021...

And if you 're not in the class already...

You get instant access when you join the February batch here

Stay frosty


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