Thur, 18 Feb.

What's today's date?

Thursday, 18 Feb yea?

Clap for yourself.

And while you're at it...

Have a look at this: 12 x 2 x 21

12 = Day / 12th

2 =  2nd month / February 

21 = Year / 2021

Thus, 12 x 2 x 21 = 12th February, 2021

So what?

How does any of this help you make plenty money before the end of this month?

Or worse, how does it explain my silence in the last 5 days?

Well, if you have a retentive memory (and from the look of things you do) 

You'll remember the last time I wrote you an email was:

Friday, 12th February, 2021

Now, you probably don't know this,

But on that day.../ Feb 12

I had a flight home for 2:30pm

And although, I left my house at 11:00am (3hrs+ to take off) for MM1

I still missed my flight

Sure, there was mad Traffic (as is expected of Lagos)

And the Taxify driver drove like he had an advanced kidney problem

Yet, I realized couldn't blame anyone/anything but myself

Knowing how Lagos can be... especially on Fridays, 

I could have left much earlier... 8am / 9am

This way, I would have arrived MM1 by at least 12 / 1 pm

Better early and waiting...

Than to be late, miss out and gnash your teeth that you had moved quicker

So, instead of whining and blaming "something/someone"

I simply took responsibility for what happened ...

Accepted it was my fault..

... and made a mental note to not repeat same mistake "next time"

Not just when I have a flight

But when I have a meeting or something else that's important

And you know

As far as being prompt / on-time goes...

I'm the guy who always shows up early

Yet, this had to happen for me to realize "the hard way":

Just how important it is to not take any chances:

And OH...

I actually paid a N5,000 penalty fee to ARIK Airways for missing my flight

But it's not the money that's the lesson...

It's the pain of missing my flight knowing I could have left home earlier and arrived MM1 much earlier... in time for my flight

Now, you're probably wondering....

"Andy, so you've been away for 5 days....what have you been up to?"

Well, to be frank...

It's not like I owe you any gist or explanation

But if the curiosity is killing you...

The long and short of it is:

I decided to pay my mother a surprise visit on her birthday (February 13th)

Plus, spend a few days with her too

But for all her joy that I paid her a surprise visit...

She was all the more happier when, on Sunday Morning....

She (already knowing where I stand on God and religion)... walked into my room and told me she'd love me to follow her to church ...

And I said okay... had my bath... dressed up and joined her in the Car.

I've never seen her dance the way she danced in Church on Sunday

I could have said NO and she'd still be happy to have me around

But I did it because...

If it makes her happier, why not?

Plus.... Her husband (our father) has left the building

And boy.... she's all we have left.

So anything to give her undiluted joy for the remaining years she has with us

She deserves that and more.

Anyway that's the long and short of it

And I hope you're satisfied now?

You say you're not?

You say you're entitled to more gist?

Okay then

No problem

But the only way around this is that you accept the obvious:

You need help.

And while you're out seeking help and deliverance 

Here's something to chew on:

My flight back to Lagos took 45-minutes,

And from MM1 to my house took 4hours+

Something that usually takes 50-minutes or max 1hr+

When you think about it

You'll begin to understand why I'm seriously considering relocating to Abuja

Or a saner clime where normal people live and Traffic is normal and everything else is normal too...

Anyway enough about me

What have you been up to?

Did you miss me?

I hope not

Because if you did

Then there's something seriously wrong with you.

And if you like don't Stay frosty

Na you sabi



P.S: I've not made a pitch for any of my offers this past week

Yet, while I was lazying about in my father's house... (where you won't find any mansions ..)

I've been making sales and 2 new clients have come my way

Want to know how that's possible?

Then you should sign up for my brand new training titled....

LOL, I don't have anything to sell you today

Maybe tomorrow or some other time when I'm angry in the spirit (what does that even mean?)

For now, just keep working hard and smart and fast...

And never stop believing..... in yourself.


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